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Dodgers Set 2018 Single-Game Attendance Record Against Giants

It’s possible that June 2018 could end up being a month of milestones for the Los Angeles Dodgers. This is nothing new to the Dodgers – as last June they set a franchise record with 50 home runs. The team has a real chance at breaking that record this month with 32 home runs through Sunday. However – on Saturday night – the Dodgers set another 2018 baseball record.

A 2018 baseball record for single-game attendance was set, with 53,706 fans passing through the gate to see the Dodgers defeat the San Francisco Giants by a score of 3-1.

This is newsworthy – not only because Dodger fans are turning out in droves – but because of a recent report of a league-wide attendance drop.

MLB attendance has dropped to its lowest average in 15 years, down 6.6% from this time last year and 8.6% overall, according to Stats LLC. The league could see its first season since 2003 with average attendance below 30,000.

This is an interesting conundrum that is probably worth us exploring in another post. Still, the Dodgers don’t seem overtly affected at the present time.

The Dodgers drew over 53,000 fans in the Friday night opener, and over 49,000 in paid attendance Sunday. The team drew in excess of 150,000 fans in one weekend. That in conjunction with winning 21 of their past 27 contests means business is good in Tinseltown.


Were you were one of the fans who went out this weekend? If so, give yourself a pat on the back. At 37-33, the Dodgers are a competitive team but still in second place. While it was a rivalry series against the Giants – Dodger fans deserve major credit for coming out to support the team like this. Setting attendance records in the midst of a report that baseball can’t put fans in the seats is no small accomplishment. It should be celebrated. Nevertheless, I continue to be amazed at what a special baseball town Los Angeles has become.

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