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Dodgers: Several Signs Seem To Be Readying The Red Carpet For Anthony Rendon

Right now, it all seems to be lining up for Anthony Rendon to become a Los Angeles Dodger. First and foremost, the Washington Nationals made waves in signing Stephen Strasburg to a record deal on Monday.

Why is this impactful for the Dodgers’ pursuit of the superstar third baseman? Perhaps you heard last week when Washington owner Mark Lerner said that the team was not going to be able to keep both Strasburg and Rendon. Indeed – in his own words – Lerner said they can really only afford to keep one of the two.

Now, the line has been drawn in the sand. The Nationals have hitched their wagons over the next seven years to Strasburg; leaving Rendon as the prize for the rest of baseball. Furthermore, Bill Plunkett of the OC Register traces over a few keys as to why Rendon heading to the Dodgers is starting to make a lot of sense.

Primarily, Plunkett speaks to Dodgers’ president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman about a position change for Justin Turner. Remember – if Rendon comes aboard from Washington – Turner will need a new home on the infield. Already, Friedman admits to speaking to Turner about a position change in the event someone like Rendon is signed.

“Not surprisingly, JT’s mindset is – ‘Whatever puts us in the best position to win. Whatever, whenever, not surprising. “Just knowing him, knowing his work ethic, knowing all he’ll put into it, coupled with when you play as much as he does, when you get on base as much as he does, nagging things pop up and I think they can have an effect on guys on defense – I’ll bet on him to put in the work this winter and be in a really good spot going into next year.”

Then, Plunkett adds that Friedman says Turner is likely to play first base and not second if Rendon (or another third baseman) is signed. What this means is a fair degree of internal discussion has taken place within the organization between Friedman and a veteran like Turner.

Strasburg Deal Impacts Cole Deal, Which Impacts Rendon to Dodgers

Finally, Plunkett says the following on how Strasburg’s deal in-turn impacts Gerrit Cole’s upcoming deal. While it may seem like common sense, it will be a domino that needs to fall so the Dodgers can set out full speed ahead for their own tier-one superstar free agent. Of course, that player would be Rendon.

Strasburg’s deal sets a very high floor for the other top free-agent pitcher, right-hander Gerrit Cole. Strasburg and Cole are both represented by Scott Boras, who is reportedly aiming for an eight- to 10-year deal for Cole worth more than $300 million. The New York Yankees and Angels are expected to duke it out financially for Cole’s services with the Dodgers interested but likely not as motivated.

Indeed, this week should be compelling as the Dodgers look to stuff your stocking a little bit early this holiday season. Hopefully, the pursuit of Rendon happens in a quicker fashion than the Washington National that the Dodgers were in on until the last minute last season; Bryce Harper.

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  1. Let’s have some fun with this.
    IF Rendon is signed, the big question is who is getting traded? Friedman’s always about depth, but they’re not signing Cole and need a stud starting pitcher to get anywhere in the postseason. A Lux package would have the best trade value and make the most sense. Turner isn’t getting traded, Muncy is a proven bat, Seager’s trade value wouldn’t be at his highest. Seager is around for 2 more years, if Lux was traded, there’s still Downs that could be his possible replacement. What stud starting pitcher could we go after with a Lux package that would make everyone happy that we signed Rendon and traded for a stud pitcher to go with Buehler?????

    1. I’ve been curious about this myself! I aquiring Rendon means we can trade for a ace-level pitcher. For trade depth we’d have Lux (the big one) and either Keibert or Connor Wong for minor league talent, as well as Pederson, Maeda, and Taylor/Kike… So really, I feel like almost anyone would be on the table…. But who is available right?

      Just looking at Cy Young finalists from this year, I don’t see a lot of pitchers who would be movable/worth the cost…

  2. We gain a great defensive player who has proven post-season firepower with a Rendon acquisition. If Seager can learn to hit the inside curve ball then what a monster power hitting infield that would be. BUT the elephant in the room is the need for a solid starter—-(maybe re-sign Ryu?) and more top shelf bull pen help. We would definitely have some trade bait if Lux is now expendable. Let’s see what happens.

    1. Do it. Get Rendon. He fills the need for a right handed power hitter. He greatly improves the left side defense. Turner is freed up mentally and physically which will probably result in even better offensive numbers. Forget about Cole. He will easily break salary record just posted by Strasburg. Try to resign Ryu. Continue talks with Cleveland about Kluber even though Lindor off the table if Rendon aquired. Get some talks going WRT Mookie Betts. Rendon and Betts would incur luxury tax. But at least you would get some nice shiny rings in return. The Dodgers haven’t had a real leadoff hitter since before the internet age. That’s what Bett’s did when he won the MVP a year ago. Like Rendon, Betts is not only MVP caliber, he also fits a real need. These opportunities don’t come around every year.

      1. Awesome post 106…..Spot on and these moves are exactly what would get this team to the point of “Truly being a threat to win the World Series”

        1. Kirk, in almost any talks about doing an impact trade appears to be that teams will insist upon Lux as part of any deal, and if Rendon is signed, either Lux or another LHB or 2 will have to be moved because there really is no room for all of them.

          1. AZUL, I must admit that the idea of acquiring Rendon has crossed my mind; but as you state, many personnel issues will arise. Unlike a good many other posters, I do not want to part with Joc; guys who hit 36 dingers cannot be replaced easily. I am wondering if Stripling, Ruiz or Wong, Kiki, Garlick and a top level minor leaguer would be enough to entice another GM to part with a quality relief pitcher or an above average starter. Go PD Jr.!!!! Go Blue!!!

          2. Paul I agree and it’s time to go all in. Lux who’m was very impressive defensively, doesn’t look like the 300 hitter this team needs, Rendon is, Betts is, Lindor is a solid 270 guy. I don’t give a rats about home runs. It’s about total bases, and anyone who get’s on a lot, scores a lot with the right power behind them. If the dodgers somehow fool all of us and sign Rendon, it would be perfect to trade up for Betts, or Lindor. Lux is not a proven player, and may be great, or maybe not. He seems to have a tough time with hard cutters at his ankles just like a lot of dodgers hitters. I’d trade Lux and play Muncy at second in a heart beat.

  3. If the Dodgers do in fact sign Rendon this “could” be a greater move if within 2 days after the signing a trade is announced that was actually prepared but contingent on the signing of Rendon.
    I say give Cory Seager his shortstop job and let him get full healthy. Trade Lux to Cleveland for Another Corey as in Kluber. Also why are the Dodger waiting so long on signing Blake Treinen?

        1. Agreed. Lux for 1 year of Kluber isn’t worth it.
          Now a Lux package for Lindor and Kluber would be interesting

  4. Maybe move Lux to shortstop and trade Seager. He has a team friendly contract and high enough ceiling to get something in return, even with his injury concerns.

    1. Great point. It seems a lot of Dodger fans don’t realize the number of games played a shortstop down in the minors.

  5. Unfortunately Chris this is Andrew Friedman we’re talking about. Ever the bargain basement hunter. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again……”Friedman, this is NOT your own personal money we’re talking about. Loosen the purse string you cheapskate.”

    1. Rendon said he’s open to a short term contract. Last year they threw a short term contract offer at Harper. Maybe this year it’ll work on Rendon.

      1. A 5 or 6 year deal should get it done and I thus don’t understand why Boras would push for any deal longer than that as far as Rendon is concerned. Remember that Boras works for the player, not the other way around.

  6. Since we’re obviously out on Cole go sign those relievers before they get snagged. Betances and Treinen. Genius said the bullpen is our only area of need so what’s he waiting for? More Casey Crosby’s or the knife wielder?

    1. LOL, but maybe true, Manny. There should be some action soon by Freidman before all the players being targeted go to other teams. But in all honesty, I just am not going to hold hopes up for any significant signing or trade, since Andy feels that they can compete without any upgrades at all….

      1. Lol’s Paul. I like that last statement. Andy feels they can compete with anyone. In Andy’s eyes, when roberts hands over the lineup card with the Ump is what he means. Everyone is actually competing at that moment!

  7. The Dodgers won’t sign Cole, he is too much money for the Dodgers. They are a cheapo team as far as free agents. I suspect they will sign Homer Noodleman from Wottsamatta U. For 2 chickens and a evening with Christine Rottencrotch. She is Dave Roberts ex-lover. And very homely.

  8. I would like to see the Dodgers go after M. Betts, for Lux, AJ Pollock, Stripling and maybe a little cash

  9. If the Dodgers don’t snag either Rendon or Donaldson then we head back into October with the same under performing lineup as the last several years. Another stud starter would be nice, but it won’t matter if we hit .200 for another October

  10. It is high time for LA to get serious about adding someone that will make a legitimate October impact. They haven’t done so in years, adding marginal guys, such as Pollack, and coming up short every time they are rumored to be making a big deadline deal. Given how average his second half was compared to his first half, I do not believe that LA can count on Bellinger to repeat his MVP season. Seager’s comeback 2019 was somewhat disappointing, and Turner certainly isn’t getting any younger. The team could use some more lumber in the middle of the order. Rendon is the type of guy that doesn’t figure to strike out seemingly every post-season at bat, and is thus worth a big expense for a team that has been fiscally responsible as of late.

  11. i hope the dodgers sign him i heard the nationals are still interested even though they paid a lot of money for strassburg

  12. Rendon of course but 2 real strong minded
    right hand pitchers Kershaw & and Ryu had
    there chance to help win in the playoffs and
    and they don’t fit the fighting challenges lots
    of great offensive hitters bumer we don’t have
    a Cole or Strasburg those are the type of pitchers
    needed to win it all and a new pitching coach who has strategy to help the weak minded relievers to the point amigos!!

  13. Anyone want to go to the Lakers game? Better forget the Dodgers amigos. They are toast, put them in the fridge because the jello is jiggling and the Nats and Yankees are going to the World Series in 2020.

  14. All you people are fooling yourself s. All those Dodger owners are making an ass out of all the Dodger fans who make them rich. They have no intentions of spending any money. They never will. STOP making that ownership group rich. Just boycott the Dodgers. The Dodgers are in the business of exploiting the poor, for their fat belly money hording jerks that they are.

  15. Why not trade Turner? He’s starting to age out. He’s injury prone and a year away from free agency. An infield of Muncy, Lux, Seager and Rendon could be solid for years. Better a year early than a year late.

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