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Dodgers Shut Down Caleb Ferguson’s Hopes of Pitching This Year

The Dodgers losing Caleb Ferguson last year could have potentially been a lot worse. If not for the sudden rise of Victor Gonzalez, Los Angeles might have struggled without a consistently effective left-handed guy in the bullpen. 

Ferguson went down in mid-September with damage to his Ulnar collateral ligament that resulted in Tommy John surgery. At the time, he was arguably having the best string of innings of his entire Dodgers career. Fergie was striking out guys at the highest rate of his career and walking at the lowest rate. 

Now a few months into his recovery from TJ, Ferguson had his first interaction with Dodgers media. Among many things, Ferguson talked about watching the team win the World Series from his couch at home. But Caleb also mentioned he had hoped to pitch this year before the team shut that idea down. 

Obviously, I think I would like to try to pitch this year, but I doubt that will happen with it being my second surgery. I had brought it up last year when it happened about trying to pitch in September for this year, and they shot it down immediately. 

You can’t really blame Fergie for trying to get back out there on the mound as soon as possible. But given that this is the second time in his young career that he had Tommy John, the Dodgers want to play it as safe as possible. 

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And if there were a year to not rush him back, it would be in 2021. The Dodgers come into the season with ridiculous depth, making Ferguson more of a luxury than a need. So while having him would be nice, there is plenty of time to get back to 100 percent. 

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