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Dodgers: Mookie Betts On Why the Red Sox Beat LA With Ease in the 2018 World Series

Dodgers fans look back on the 2018 World Series and don’t have many good thoughts about it. That year was so odd just in general, with Los Angeles losing some big names and picking up a few others. 

When they ran into the Red Sox in late October, it was too late for the Dodgers to find their groove. Boston was firing on all cylinders and would’ve swept them right out of the series if not for an 18-innning game. 

Mookie Betts was a part of that Red Sox team that ran over Los Angeles. And when he was eventually traded to the Dodgers, Mookie immediately recognized what was missing from this team. He didn’t like the way they approached practices and drills with a loose approach, and he called a meeting on day one to address it. 

This ain’t going to work…I was like, ‘Brianna, I see why we beat them in the World Series.’ It was because we were way more prepared than they were…I thought it was going to make some people mad, but it didn’t. 

Betts talked about that first week with the team in a recent interview with GQ. Betts felt it was that lack of focus and determination that led to the Red Sox issuing the gentleman’s sweep over the Dodgers in 2018. 

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So when Mookie came to Los Angeles, he brought his work ethic with him. And now the Dodgers locker room is his, and we all know what he did with it in year 1. Imagine what he can do with the remaining 12 years…

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  1. So much for being the most prepared team in baseball looks like that was always false until Mookie came here

    1. Don’t give him all the credit. This is getting annoying. Plus he wanted that Hollywood life so I guess both parties won.

  2. Although the Dodgers did win it all in 2017. Astros will always have an asterisk on that one. Should’ve been vacated by Manfred, but he’s such an idiot you’d think he was Frank McCourt’s twin brother…

  3. Mookie “MLB” Betts (50) Is the Face of Baseball because of his passion for the game he is the first to be @ practice & the last to leave he is always striving to be the best and to be the best it takes hard work & dedication he leads by example Mookie was the missing piece The LA Dodgers needed to Win it All in 2020 & it just the beginning of many to come! It makes Manager Dave Roberts (30) job easier because any of the team players are not giving their all needs to be bench until they get on aboard.
    “Practice creates Perfection”
    “Let’s Go LA Dodgers Do a Repeat in 2021”

  4. 7 straight years of 90+ wins doesn’t happen without focus or determination. Mookie’s great, really glad to have him but please. The same was said of Gibson in ’88 and his HR has been shown a million times but I think Orel had a little to do with it. Same with Seager last year.

    1. Could not agree more. I am thrilled to have Mookie, but we were a great team before he came.

  5. They Redsox won because they had Mookie Betts. The local talking heads keep saying it is Justin Turner & Clayton Kershaw’s team. Betts is clearly the leader of the Dodgers now and probably has been since he called that meeting the first wedge arrived.

  6. Mookie’s comments remind me of Kirk Gibson’s reaction when he joined the Dodgers in 1988.

  7. Gibson certainly had a lot less to work with when he “led” the team to victory in 1988 and there is no question that Hershiser was the real “bulldog” that pushed the team through. But anyone who watched – socially distanced – the team in 2020 saw a different team than in 16-17-18-19. We’ll never know if the Dodgers win the WS in 20 without Betts but my money is on Atlanta closing them out when they were up 3-1. And those two “stolen” runs in the playoffs? They set the tone for the whole post season.

    1. Great call all around. Gibson joins a Dodger team that were perennial losers at that point. he really had his work cut out for him. I loved that he challenged the entire team, including Tommie and Claire. A real baseball player that brought the Dodgers an unbelievable turnaround and World Championship with the help of Bulldog, Hatcher and others.

      Mookie on the other hand needed to just remind a great Dodger team of what it really takes to win a WS, and not rest on your laurels. Nonetheless, Mookie won games for the Dodgers with his glove, his arm, his feet and his bat. So glad he’s a Dodger for years to come.

  8. Mooky forgot to mention one thing. The Red Sox cheated just like the Houston Astros did!!! I am a big fan of Mooky. The Dodgers couldn’t have won the world serious without him. I will forever grateful!! But the fact still remains people on the Red Sox got fired and fined. I guess that is what he meant by being better prepared?? Lol I have been a.Dodger an every since back in 55.

    1. Mookie*, Mookie*, World Series*, and that last sentence just doesn’t make any sense. You’d think a Dodgers fan since 55 would know how to spell their best players name

  9. One word: Cora. Same outcome from 2017, and 2018, only different team. Finally, prevailed and the RIGHT team won in 2020

  10. How quickly people forget that the 2018 Red Sox cheated in the same way that the 2017 Astros did. Broke the very same rule regarding technology. So…..where’s their asterisk?

  11. Nobody forgot anything. Whether we agree or disagree with its findings, MLB concluded that the Red Sox cheated during the 2018 regular season but did not cheat during the 2018 World Series. To the contrary, MLB had enough evidence to determine that your Astros cheated against our Dodgers during the 2017 World Series.

  12. THIS IS THE SAME MOOKIE THE CLOWN WHO SUCKED LIKE LAZY BUM IN 2019 WHEN THE TEAM NEEDED HIM AND .. Cora had to kick his xss to wake him up… and 2018 when Cora had to shake him up to start getting aggressive..
    the guy is a slime ball… milking the game ..
    good luck over 12 years of a lazy bum

    1. Jesus…..WOW…..Tell us how you really feel. Are you a Dodger fan? If not, what are you doing here?

  13. I watched the Sox in 2019. Pitching was the culprit. Betts has a year below his capability but saying he was asleep is not accurate. He was adjusting to hitting cleanup for the longest time and no protection from David Ortiz

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