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Dodgers Sign Albert Pujols to a Major League Deal

The Dodgers are always going to be digging around looking for extra depth. But it’s not every day that you have the opportunity to sign a future Hall of Fame player AND pay him the league minimum. 

But that’s exactly where the Dodgers are on this Saturday afternoon. The team reportedly agreed to a deal with first baseman Albert Pujols for the remainder of the 2021 season. Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Times confirms that it is a Major League deal. 

Pujols was released by the Angels earlier this month. After his massive 10-year deal didn’t work out the way they had hoped, Anaheim cut him loose and will cover his $30 million deal. The Dodgers will only need to pay a prorated league minimum 

It’s not immediately clear where Pujols would plug in. Defensively, he is no longer at a place to provide real support with the glove. The Dodgers would probably use him in a pinch-hit role when not having the designated hitter. 

The Dodgers have yet to make any official announcement on the signing. Expect that to come soon as Pujols officially cleared waivers to become a free agent this week. 

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  1. I like it. He’s basically free. Outside of McKinstry, the young guys (Neuse, Peters, Raley) haven”t done much. So here’s a RHB with power. But he left the halos because he wanted to play every day, and that’s not going to happen with the Dodgers. I see him in a David Freeze role, pinch hitting, and occasionally at 1B. Hope he still has some juice left.

    1. No-o-o, you’re compromising the defense….. Muncy has improved defensively tremendously, more mobile around the base than Albert, and Lux is a better 2nd baseman than Max. I liked Albert who played the game a long time in the right way, but I’m sorry the speed of the game has past him bye. I hate to see elite players struggle in their waning yrs, ala. Mays, Utley, Kobe, and others. Injuries and Father Time have caught up and took a toll on their bodies where they can’t perform to their high standards. I sure hope Albert won’t disrupt the clubhouse mojo.

  2. Guess they could try him at short as it appears Corey will be out for a long time. That way he can play everyday. All kidding aside but Pujols was a great player in the past. Hope he can contribute at least as a DH. Be better than any of the minor leaguers that the Dodgers have brought up.

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