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Dodgers Social Media Led by Emmy Award Winner Sue Jo: Learn What It Takes to be the Best

It’s been a great year for the Dodgers on the field, but with a strong, creative social presence, the organization is seeing success on the internet, too.

  • 3.42 million likes on Facebook
  • 2.2 million followers on Twitter
  • 2 million followers on Instagram

The Dodgers are easily one of, if not, the most successful MLB brand on social media. Using MVPIndex, which is a real-time audience measurement tool for sports and entertainment, the Dodgers are tops in Major League Baseball as of last year. 

To determine the most valued teams, MVPindex ranks them using a proprietary algorithm called the MVPindex Engagement Value Assessment® or EVA, which evaluates all of their social activity throughout the past year to determine the potential market value of a property’s social media footprint, including but not limited to: Reach (fans, followers, impressions), Engagement (likes, comments, shares, retweets, favorites) and Conversation (positive/negative mentions).

Known now for their witty caption game, the Boys in Blue have seen a surge in online popularity in part because of their social media Queen, Sue Jo, who has been featured on CBS, and Social on the Sidelines, a podcast dedicated to sports social media. 

In addition to her professional success, Sue Jo has also developed quite a cult following on social, consistently giving the fans what they want and helping the players elevate their social media games as well. The social success has even translated into a Social Media Night at the stadium.

If you have any interest in working in social media, especially in sports, this Dodgers’ Social Media Night is for you.

You’ll have the opportunity to win some very exciting prizes at social media night, but you will also have the chance to speak with the Dodgers’ digital/social team. You’ll absolutely want to talk to Sue Jo and her team if you’re trying to break in to social.

If you’re a SUE-per fan then you should go because you’ll have the chance to win an opportunity to shadow Sue Jo during a game.

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