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Dodgers Spring Training: Alex Guerrero Spends Time At Third Base

Alex Guerrero

It’s been one long year for Alex Guerrero since he first joined the Los Angeles Dodgers in Spring Training. At the time, Guerrero, signed a four-year, $28 million contract, entered camp under the expectation that he would win the second-base job.

Instead, Dee Gordon took hold of the competition and never relented. Outside of a pinch-hit appearance in the Dodgers’ second game of the Opening Series in Australia, Guerrero spent the season in the Minors and didn’t return to the Majors until September when active rosters expanded.

Now in his second Spring Training with the Dodgers, Guerrero is largely without a position, but got work in at third base on Saturday, reports J.P. Hoornstra of the LA Daily news:

A natural shortstop, Guerrero played second and third base, shortstop, and left field as he spent time with the Dodgers’ Rookie League, High-A and Triple-A affiliates. With the Isotopes, Guerrero played 51 of 65 games at second base; the next-highest total was nine games played in left field.

After being called up to the Majors, Guerrero primarily served as a pinch-hitter and only saw the field when he played in left for 14 innings (three games) as a replacement. The 28 year old managed to get just one hit in 13 plate appearances with the Dodgers, which was a far cry from his success in the Minors.

From April 13 to May 20, Guerrero hit .376/.417/.735 with 10 home runs and 29 RBIs over 33 games (127 plate appearances). His season was then derailed by an altercation with teammate Miguel Olivo during which the catcher bit off a portion of Guerrero’s ear that forced him to miss nearly two months.

While Guerrero batted .304/.343/.542 with seven home runs and 28 RBIs after returning, he missed out on an expected promotion to the Majors at the time of his fight with Olivo as the Dodgers were in need of an infielder and instead turned to Erisbel Arruebarrena.

Being that Guerrero’s bat hasn’t been the question, the Dodgers’ primary challenge is finding a position for him. Should Guerrero prove to play a capable third base, he could be an option next season as Juan Uribe is entering the final year of his contract.


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  1. I read that he is not fast with his feet but has good hands and a strong arm. At Third it is more about being quick and having the arm strength. It would be terrific if this guy can play Third as he has hit very well with some nice pop everywhere he has been.

    1. Hey T…he is a long shot at best. There just is not enough room on the roster. Turner, SVS and Ellis are locks for the bench. You need a backup middle inf, and Barney fills that role. They will most likely carry 5 OF’s so Ethier makes it by default. that’s it…..they will carry 12 pitchers most of the year. So , Guererro might be on the team initially, but he would have a very short time to impress before they load up the BP. He is not that great a fielder. Never has been. He hit in Cuba, and was doing well at AAA when he got his ear bit off. But he looked over matched when called up and he has the disadvantage of being almost 28 years old… I think they will let him go eventually, because if he is not on the 25 man coming out of spring he can get out of his contract.

      1. Bear, I think you are right. I am hoping he works out as that is 28 million down the drain. And they have already spent a lot of money the last few weeks on broken pitchers. I am trying to be optimistic with Guererro.Offense is going to be needed I think, as they still have a mess in the OF and I do not believe Uribe or Rollins will play more than100 games. They are both old for starting INF. They play very demanding positions I think they will breakdown. I am working in Tucson this week and they had about a 15 minute segment on the Padres. Kemp looks very good I think he is going to haunt the Dodgers. The only way I make the Grandal trade is f he is the second coming of Johnny Bench and we all know he is not. They are talking about Platooning Grandal for gods sake. You do not give up Kemp for a part time catcher. Friedman is a little nervous? I am freaking terrified. The BP seems to be by a committee of pitchers in varying degrees of recovery. It feels like they are throwing it all up against the wall and hoping someone sticks!

        1. I agree about Matt Kemp! Who gets rid of a player that has the best offensive production on your team! Also, Kemp is one of the few right handed power hitters in the major leagues, and right now, right handed power is so rare! Also take in to consideration that the Dodgers also lost Hanley’s right hand power! Also I don’t think that Matt’s defense once he was put in right field, was that bad! Everyone has to remember that Kemp had not played much in the last two years, and wasn’t able to participate in Spring training last year, and played in only a few AAA games to get ready last year! This year Kemp was able to build himself up in the off season, and is participating in Spring training this year! His ankle probably is much much better a year later. All of this will make Matt better on defense this year, not to mention his offense will probably soar! They could have let Joc play in AAA this year to see if his offensive stats were all of that, being that he would not be playing in Albq, this year, were the altitude won’t be a factor! This would take the pressure off Joc, and allow the Dodgers, to not take such a big risk! I really think that yMattingly is the reason that Kemp is gone, and Mattingly should be the one gone!

          1. I agree with most everything but you did not speak much on the log jam in outfield and he was the log that other teams wanted. The other logs were not much wanted by other teams.

          2. Ken I understand we had a log jam. But these guys have plenty of money. Eat a contract or two if you have to. It makes no sense to trade a guy away that is one of the few Right Handed Power hitters for average in the League. Eat Ethiers contract you are going to have to eventually anyway. I agree with Michelle it looks like it was Mattingly that put the pressure on to dump Kemp. And turn around and trade him to a division rival. That is plain stupid….


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