Dodgers Spring Training Video: Fan Catches Foul Ball With Cell Phone

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Whether it be in Spring Training, the regular season or the postseason, the lure and thrill of potentially catching a foul ball is something that resonates with fans.

At any given game, more than a handful of people ranging from young children to adults are seen with a glove in tow as preparation for their seemingly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The opportunity is so cherished, best seat locations to catch a foul ball have been identified.

While plenty of fans have caught foul balls without the aid of a glove, a man in attendance at the game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim relied on help from an every day product, though not one that comes to mind when needing to catch a baseball — his cell phone.

Scott Van Slyke was facing Andrew Heaney in the second inning of Thursday’s game when he skied a 1-1 pitch some five rows behind the plate. Several fans rose to their feet when one, dressed in Dodger blue, leaned back with a cell phone in his left hand (perhaps acting like a glove) and his right hand ready to corral the baseball.

The ball momentarily popped into the air, but the fan managed to get his hands on the ball and celebrated accordingly.

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