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Dodgers: That Time Mookie Betts Bowled Against DJ Khaled and Chad Ochocinco

The Dodgers knew they were getting a freak athlete when they traded for Mookie Betts. They knew that he was capable of highlight-reel plays in the outfield and would do things on a daily basis that leaves you picking up your jaw off of the floor. 

They also must have known that athleticism extended beyond baseball. The Dodgers outfielder can run routes and catch passes, he can sink 3-points with ease, and he can bowl among the game’s elite. 

In fact, Mookie often takes part in high-level tournaments and wins. That led us down a rabbit-hole of Mookie bowling videos that ended with this gem. Before coming to the Dodgers, Mookie once took down a slew of pop culture stars in a bowling tournament, including DJ Khaled. 

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This event was held back in 2017 for Chris Paul’s foundation. It included names such as Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, and many more. 

The Dodgers(formerly Red Sox) outfielder ultimately stayed in all the way to the final round of the tournament. He faced off against JT “Action” Jackson, a professional bowler. He took Jackson all the way to the 10th round, matching him strike for strike. Mookie took him down on his 6th consecutive strike and won the tourney. 

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