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Dodgers: The Atlanta Braves Have a Reported Interest in Signing Justin Turner

Another day passes, and more competition pops up for the Dodgers in their attempts to re-sign Justin Turner. It was reported earlier this week that there were 3 teams that were interested in JT in addition to Los Angeles. One of those teams was confirmed to be the Blue Jays, and the Braves were confirmed today. 

Jon Heyman reported today that the Braves have checked in on Turner. He also noted that the Dodgers are still the favorites to land the veteran third baseman. The Braves are one of the teams that were previously unknown, but the matchup on paper does make sense. 

Atlanta could presumably use Turner in a role at third base and move Austin Riley around. They could also be hoping for the DH to return to the National League and replace Marcell Ozuna with the cheaper option in JT. Turner is predicted to get around $30 million in free agency while Ozuna is up over $70 million. 

Dodgers Related: Justin Turner Has 4 Teams to Choose From

The biggest obstacle remaining for a team to sign JT seems to be his desire to play in LA. The reported 4-year contract demand that Turner is hoping for might actually be the only option teams have to pry him away from the Dodgers.

Turner has not been vocal about his desire to play elsewhere, but not much has been said about the Dodgers either. In the end, he is going to do what is best for his career and for his family. If Los Angeles signs him, expect it to be a 2-year deal.

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  1. #RedTurn10, Do us a favor and sign somewhere. Really getting perturbed at the sometimes 20 a day emails, shares, posts, Tweets, and etc. Dude, get a life and give us our lives back.

    1. It’s getting old for sure but most of our fan base will deem this off season a bust if Dodgers let JT walk. Not only that but as I see it currently the positional player side of this roster is a far cry from last year. And we can’t expect much from Bellinger if he still can’t work on his swing after that shoulder surgery. Let’s just see what happens but JT needs to settle on a deal soon. Of course clarity on the DH would greatly help, and he might have been signed by now if Dodgers or other NL teams knew that the DH would be back.

  2. I have said it before and will repeat. Give him 2 years $24M with a club option 3rd year at $12M. Make year 3 a $6M buyout. JT gets a guaranteed$30M with possible$36M if he performs enough to be picked up. He’s still a good hitter, but has slipped a step on defense. I don’t see anyone giving him 4 years. If he got 3 full years from another team, Dodgers would have to decide whether to match it. I’m sure he stays if they match best offer out there.

  3. He will sign with the Dodgers for 2 or 3 years once we get closer to Spring training and they can move two players to the 60 day IL . You can bet on it.

  4. When it comes down to it, we have no idea where the talks are between Turner and the club. They may have a deal in place, just waiting on some other transaction. The info we get from knowledgeable sources is pretty shaky. ((Pederson in talks with SF signs with Cubs. Arenado who LA targeted signs with St. Louis)

  5. 3rd basemen that are available are few. Impact 3rd basemen even rarer. Turner may get his 4-year deal from someone. The Braves, Brewers, and Nats all need an impact 3rd baseman as do the Dodgers. The Dodgers more specifically need a contact right-handed 3rd baseman.
    I think it is still a good possibility Turner signs with the Dodgers. But I do not blame the Dodgers for not going with a 4-year deal as they have young guys like Hoese, Vargas, and others coming up fast.
    If i were the Dodgers I would work very hard to sign Turner as he has been incredible, record breaking, in the playoffs. That is hard to quantify with money as the playoffs are where it matters. While I understand not signing Joc or Kike. We will miss them as they had some key hits in the playoffs. Hopefully Beaty, Rios, Lux, and others are ready to play well when given the opportunity.

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