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Dodgers: Justin Turner Reportedly Has 4 Teams to Choose From in Free Agency

The race to sign Justin Turner has been slow and steady this offseason. While the Dodgers continue to monitor his market and offers, JT is ultimately searching out a contract that will lead him into retirement. 

The veteran third baseman has reportedly been seeking a 4-year deal from other teams to pry him away from the Dodgers. The general consensus is that JT would take an offer for fewer years to play in Los Angeles if other teams don’t meet the 4-year criteria. 

As it turns out, Turner’s choices may be limited to just 4 teams. Jon Heyman reported today that aside from the Dodgers, JT has 3 more options that he will consider as a part of the free-agent process. The Toronto Blue Jays are 1 of the other teams that Turner has at least been in contact with. 

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That report obviously leads to a lot of questions than actually providing answers. The Dodgers are still in on him, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a consensus on who the other teams might be. The Blue Jays have help around the infield but don’t necessarily have a true third baseman ready to go.

The Mets were a team that JT has been linked to in surface-level reports, but there has been no indication otherwise. Could New York pivot to the Dodgers veteran after missing out on George Springer and Enrique Hernandez? The Braves are another team that could make sense, especially if the Universal DH is part of the plan for 2021. Marcell Ozuna is sure to command a sizeable contract, and JT could be a relatively cheap replacement for them. 

That question will likely be answered in the coming weeks as we get closer to Spring Training. But one thing is for sure: the Dodgers are not alone in their pursuit of JT.

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  1. And now that the players union has nixed both the NL DH and the expanded playoffs, JT will only get a two-year offer by the Dodgers. Looks like he will end up leaving.

    I think we’re down to Simean or a trade for Bryant, which is what I thought months ago…

  2. Teams lost money in 2020 & will probably not make a lot in 2021 plus 2022 there is a real possibility of a strike. Teams have been slow to spend and sign big contracts so far.
    JT should go to the Braves, Jays etc if they will give him 4 years for a lot of $. The Dodgers would miss him but they have in-house solutions and Minor League talent coming up in the system.
    I believe the Dodgers will sign Turner but its not a disaster if they do not. If they do not sign Turner they should play Rios and Will Smith at 3rd. Bring up Ruiz and see how they are doing at the trade deadline. If they show a need for a right-handed 3rd baseman they should trade for Bryant or another one like Suarez or?
    Turner needs to get as big and long a deal as he can get. He is 36 there isn’t going to be another contract. Hope he re-signs but wish him well.

    1. That’s ok but Dodgers would be a bit short on RHB. My issue here is somehow keeping the opposing teams from loading up with LHP against Dodgers, especially in later innings in close games where Dodgers may have RISP. Seager, Muncy, Bellinger, Rios, Lux could see their share of these pitchers in the later innings. Now if the pitcher has to bat, it may come to using up the bench by the 7th inng if a few PH have to be used earlier inthe game. BTW, its still not etched in stone as far as the DH is concerned because owners of pitchers in the $20to $30 million in salary range don’t want these pitchers risking injury running bases,pulling an oblique as a result of having to bat for first time in over a year.

      1. No team will give him four years!! Toronto has just signed Semien. So one less possible suitor. Pay him 2 years and an option!! Or just move on to Bryant of the Cubs for a prospect one year rental and let our minor leaguers develop!!

  3. When your lifetime income (64 mil from LA, money made in NY and probably a manager after his career is over) is over 100 million and you are guided more by your wallet than your heart all I can say is good luck.

    1. @jim hartz. I completely agree with you! Too many fans are listening to their hearts “oh he deserves the money because he meant so much to the team” There will be others like JT. They said that about Adrian Gonzalez. He was replaced. Team moved on. 4 years at that age is being too greedy but I can see his negotiation tactics.

    2. He’s guided by wanting to play 4 more years and not 2. It’s pretty clear in the article that the number of years is the determining factor. But thank goodness you’re here to make him a shallow creature. Phew!

    3. I agree 100%.

      And I’m sick of reading about him. Enough already. Sign or don’t but do something.


  5. Justin Turner may get more baseball money elsewhere, but in LA you can make endorsements and make connections after baseball. I wish JT well, but hope he stays here in LA.

  6. Every team in MLB knows Turner’s bat is slowing down, he hit .160 on fastballs over 94mph last year, his legs are shot, and his defense is declining, and it’ll get worse every year. He’s probably worth around 26-28M, it doesn’t matter much if it is for 2,3, or 4 years, because by the 3rd year, he will be finished as a productive player, even as a DH. The Dodgers under Friedman field a premium team every year because they don’t anchor their payroll with players past their expiration dates. No one is going to pay him much over 30M, so he might as well come to reality, and sign the 2 year deal the Dodgers are offering him, which I’m sure is fair.

  7. Time for JT to go.It’s Rios time.Plays everyday he’ll hit over 40 hrs JT is a part time player always getting injured.

  8. JT is from Long Beach and is well-connected throughout LA. In addition to his Dodger career he’s active year-round running his charitable foundation with his wife Kourtney. I can’t imagine him wanting to leave LA. But I agree that he’s beginning to slow down as a player. He’s injury prone, strikes out much more often, and while he’s still a very good defender at third has lost some range and mobility. And there’s one more thing. I think he took a hit for his actions after game 6 of the WS when he tested positive for COVID but still came back out on the field. I know from various message boards that the vast majority of baseball fans couldn’t care less, but LA has one of the highest COVID rates in the world and many, many people out here were extremely disappointed that he chose to do that. It was a big deal, and he may fear some retribution (read: booing) from parts of the Dodger fan base for having done that. Whether that plays any part in his decision is anyone’s guess. In any case, I don’t think any team will offer him a four-year deal at age 36, even as a DH. I think he’s using the possibility of leaving as a bargaining chip (perfectly understandable) but will ultimately resign with the Dodgers for two years, perhaps with a team option for a third.

  9. Do or don’t already….Geezz

    However, it would be good to see the Dodgers doing SOMETHING. Anyone who says that, as is, the Padres are not already, even on paper, the team to beat are smoking something other than cigarettes.


  10. I understand JT’s desire to have one last contract so that’s not so much the issue for Dodger fans like me. I JUST LOVE WHAT HE BRINGS with clutch hitting, smart baseball and the overall positivity he brings to the team.

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