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Dodgers Throwback: Vin Scully Hosts 1970’s Game Show

We all know Vin Scully for his incredible ability to paint a picture for us by simply using his voice. Growing up as a Dodger fan, hearing him call the games brought a sense of warmth to the hearts of fans everywhere.

Among other things, Scully is known for the stories he tells while calling games. Wednesdays game against the Tampa Bay Rays was no different. During the broadcast, Scully gave his listeners a lesson on manta rays and fish in general.

Stories By Scully: History Lessons From Vin

Leave it to the legendary announcer to throw in an educational lesson while watching the ball game.

The incredible storyteller has also taken his talents outside of Dodger Stadium, including calling a game for Los Angeles Rams. However, sports games are not the only events Scully has hosted.

Did you know Scully was a gameshow host at some point in his career?

Yup, the great announcer wore two hats, one as the official announcer for the Dodgers and the other as official host for the 1969 NBC gameshow, It Takes Two.

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At age 43, Scully was double dipping in the showbiz and truly began to leave his mark on Los Angeles. His show, It Takes Two featured many celebrities including famous comedian Groucho Marx.

Scully hosted the show from 1969-1970 with the same persona he’s famously known for by Dodger fans. He still has story time on the air and captivates the audience with his charm. The videos below are slightly dated but c’mon, it was the 70’s.

Check out an episode of It Takes Two below and be captivated by Scully’s magic once more. Enjoy!

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  1. It’s a shame they can’t bring the show back, but something tells me Vin may not be interested in hosting anymore, a fact that could quite possibly doom the show to failure before it even got on the air.

  2. When I was pretty young I recall seeing Vin host a summer replacement game show which I think was different than this one. It would have been in the early 60’s!

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