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Dodgers to Honor Don Newcombe with Commemorative Patch During 2019 Season

The Dodgers will honor the late great Don Newcombe with a commemorative #36 pitch this season. The commemorative patch being implemented has become uniform across the MLB, but this passing obviously stings a bit more for Dodger fans.

Moreover, the Dodgers will honor the life and legacy of Newk at Dodger Stadium on April 27 when they induct him into the Legends of Dodger Baseball. Fans in attendance that day will receive a commemorative bobblehead.


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Newcombe was a member of the 1955 World Series champion club, a Korean War veteran, and one of the first men to join Jackie Robinson in breaking the color barrier.

He is more than deserving of this honor, but the next stage should be a jersey number retirement ceremony.

The Dodgers currently hold a policy that they do not retire numbers unless the player has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. This is simply not the best way to go about this as the Dodgers have had so many fantastic players lead them to success that fall just short of the Cooperstown threshold.

Newcombe’s career was cut short because of his military service and the color barrier and he arguably received a raw deal for his Hall of Fame case because of it.

Newcombe posted a 149-90 record and 3.56 ERA across 10 major league seasons. He went 123-60 with a 3.42 ERA with the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1949-1951 and 1954-1957. He was the Most Valuable Player and Cy Young Award winner in 1956.

Retire it, Dodgers.

Daniel Preciado

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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Newcombe several times, and he was always a wonderful conversationalist, regaling me with stories of his years in Brooklyn, and the players who surrounded him on a daily basis : Campy, Jim Gilliam, The Duke, Furillo, etc. What he achieved off the field, IMHO, dwarfs what he did on the field : he stood up to adversity, looked it straight in the eye, and defeated it. I have been advocating for years that the Dodgers need to retire his number while he is alive rather than wait until he passes. Let this fine gentleman have the opportunity to look up at the Ring of Honor and see his name!!!!! I only wish this would have happened : Newk deserved it!!!! Go Blue!!!

    1. That’s awesome thanks for sharing. I agree he should’ve had his number retired while he was alive

  2. I know I said it above, BUT, Mr. Newcombe deserves a lot more than a patch from the Dodgers. He was a role model off the field, helped to rehab other players, was most active in the Dodger community, and always represented the Dodgers with class. RIP Mr Newcombe!!!

    1. Mike, I don’t think the HOF does dictate a team’s tributes…….at least I hope not. The Dodgers have already retired my favorite Dodger’s number – 19 – which was worn by my hero, Jim Gilliam even though he was not a HOF member. I think what Newk did was every bit as important as what Mr. Gilliam. Maybe some day, who knows. Go Blue!!!

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