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Dodgers: Tony Gonsolin’s Incredibly Efficient Outing Leads the Way

Tony Gonsolin is the Dodgers’ best pitcher right now. There’s just no other way to put it. On a team that features at least 3 potential Cy Young winners on it, very few expected Tony to be the go-to guy at this point in the year. Even fewer expected that ti would be him and Tyler Anderson holding things down in the rotation. 

But here we are, 11 starts into the year for Tony Gonsolin and talking about how he needs to be an All-Star selection. Tony pitched yesterday against the White Sox and it was more of the same domination. He came out and fired 6 innings allowing just 1 run on a solo shot, earning his 7th win for the Dodgers in the process. 

It was what Dodgers fans have come to know as a vintage outing from Gonsolint this year. After the game, Dave Roberts talked about what he has been able to do, especially with his pitch efficiency early on in the season.  

“We’ve always talked about he has the weapon. A four-pitch guy to get righties out, to get lefties out, but it’s trusting his stuff in the strike zone and understanding how to navigate a lineup. I think right now, the blinders are on and he’s just really focused on his work. Everything is intentional now. He doesn’t let previous innings or looking out for the next hitter. He’s really in the moment and he’s doing a fantastic job.”

After giving up a leadoff homerun in the 5th, Tony allowed a double and gave up a walk to get into some trouble. But a mound visit from Mark Prior settled him down, retiring the next 3 batters without any more damage and keeping the Dodgers in front. 

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There’s just something different about him this year. The pitch count that has usually been climbing early on in games is suddenly very under control. Gonsolin needed just 84 pitches to get through his 6 innings, and he was even more efficient early on in his outing. He’s exactly what the Dodgers have needed this year. 

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