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Dodgers Top Division Series Power Rankings, Padres Near the Bottom

The Dodgers have been at the top of MLB power rankings from day one. No matter the week, Los Angeles came out on top of the list every week. That does not seem to be changing as the league released its Division Series rankings today.

As expected, a quick series sweep over the Milwaukee Brewers only helped the Dodgers’ cause. They come into the week ranked 1st out of 8 teams left in the league. The Houston Astros came in ranked as number 8 of the teams remaining. 

More from writer Alyson Footer:

They’ve been our No. 1 team all year, and they did nothing to change our minds after sweeping the Brewers in the National League Wild Card Series. Now we get an NL Division Series a lot of us were hoping for: an all-SoCal showdown between the experienced Dodgers and upstart Padres. Scheduling allows clubs to reset their rotations, and that’s very good news for Los Angeles…

The fact that the Dodgers get a complete reset on their starting rotation certainly improves their chances. Walker Buehler and Clayton Kershaw will both be able to pitch off of 6 days rest when the NLDS rolls around. 

Unfortunately, the same can potentially be said of the Padres. San Diego may come in ranked near the bottom as the number 6 team, but they got a boost with the addition of a healthy enough Mike Clevinger being on the NLDS roster. Still, putting a team featuring two NL MVP hopefuls in Fernando Tatis Jr and Manny Machado this far down on the list could be something akin to bulletin board material for this energetic ballclub.

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  1. Was definitely pulling for the Cards. The one thing that the Dodger rotation is prone to is the home run and that’s something the Pads are extremely good at. It would suck if Machado finally grew up in time to hurt the Dodgers. Plus, it wasn’t like anyone besides Betts brought his hitting stick to the first series. Three run outputs ain’t gonna cut it, this round. If you take out Betts, Taylor and Barnes, the rest of the team hit .100.

    1. Yea seriously…the bats did not show up for that first series.
      And it’s not like they were up against any “elite” pitchers from the Brewers (except maybe Hader).
      It’s starting to concern me that this seems to be a trend for the Dodgers every year–during the regular season, we’ll smash and break homerun records, but once postseason starts our big bats simply disappear. I don’t know if it’s due to nerves or facing elite pitching, but the Dodgers this year are too good and too experienced to make any more excuses.
      So I really hope it’s a trend we break this year…my heart cannot bear another heartbreak.

    2. Right on about the pitching being vulnerable to the homeruns. Look at the past few post sessons and that was certainly the case. And if Dodgers can’t do any better than their 7 runs in 2 games performance, that won’t cut it against Padres and Dodgers could be sent home as early as Thusday of this coming week.

  2. I’m looking forward to this “Matchup”. The Dodgers ranked #1, “Every week / ALL YEAR”, for a reason. I’m hoping they keep Machado from “Cheating”, like he did, when he was with the Dodgers,(Spiking: The 1st baseman, while trying to beat the throw). No ROOM, for CHEATERS…(Played like an ASSTRICK).

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