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Dodgers Trade AJ Pollock to Chicago For Craig Kimbrel

At this point in Spring Training, very few moves are expected to be made by teams. Big moves don’t necessarily come along with less than a week before the season, but the Dodgers really felt like they were cooking something up. Now we know that they’ve been hard at work.

The Dodgers have reportedly traded outfielder AJ Pollock to the Chicago White Sox. Pollock was signed as a free agent back before the 2019 season on a deal that could have been for 5 years. But with the glut of talent and outfielders, many expected Los Angeles to make a move to supplement their pitching staff. 

In exchange for Pollock, the Dodgers are acquiring Craig Kimbrel. The longtime reliever has been on their radar for many years as he’s bounced around at trade deadlines. He is signed through the 2022 season for $16 million, the same amount that Kenley Jansen signed with the Braves for. 

Kimbrel is a guy that can close games, and he’s locked down 372 of them across his 12 year big league career. The Dodgers could slide him into that role, though Doc has said that they do not want to have one guy out there locking down games. Blake Treinen is another good candidate to get the 9th inning as well. 

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It’s sort of a sad day around the Dodgers fanbase. Pollock had become a favorite in Los Angeles, and his endearing personality won over a lot of fans despite his early struggles with the team. But in Kimbrel, Los Angeles gets a really good reliever to add to their bullpen.

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  1. This is a good move. No downside for positional play, but a upgrade to the bullpen with two closers with one still able to be used as a 8th inning bridge.

  2. Terrible move by the bozos in blue! Pollock was one of the only decent players on the squad…and they trade him for a wannabe bird!

  3. Looks like Mr Bellinger is guaranteed his outfield spot. Gonna be a long year, if he can’t slow that swing down and breaks his neck.

    1. Unfortunately, this move makes it impossible to send Cody to the minors to figure out his dumb head swing problem.

  4. Pollock is very well liked for a variety of reasons but the reality is Taylor has been our best left fielder for a while now. Good luck AJ, you’re going to a good team!

  5. Really have to think this one over. Pollack will deliver for the Sox as he has for his career. Kimbrel a ??? . Could have gone for a starter instead..

  6. I don’t have to think it over… Worst trade in dodger history.. AJ was awesome… always consistent… Should have Received a much Better pitcher I think He gave up 5 or 6 runs today.. Bring back Jansen

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