Dodgers Trade Rumors: Is Rays Chris Archer on His Way to Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles Dodgers disabled list continues to only get longer, meaning the Dodgers must make a move before the non-waiver trade deadline. August 1st is quickly approaching and rumors are circulating that the Dodgers are expected to trade for Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer.

ESPN’s Jayson Stark tweeting out that the Dodgers are the favorites and claims a source says there is a “70 percent” chance he lands in L.A.

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So far this season Archer has a 5-13 record with a 4.60 ERA in 21 starts. During the 2015 season, he posted a 3.23 ERA and 1.14 WHIP while striking out 252 batters in 212 innings.

On July 14th Archer was asked about the drop in productivity.

“I’ve had a pretty good career. You can break it down in six-month intervals if you want. My total body of work pretty speaks to who I am. The honest answer is I don’t know. I have so much upside, so much potential,” Archer told Martin Fennelly of the Tampa Bay Times.

It is unclear if the Dodgers will pull the trigger on this trade or who they will be willing to give up in order for it to happen. With Kershaw out for a longer period of time, the Dodgers need all the help they can get.

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Recently, the Dodgers sent Hyun-Jin Ryu, Casey Fien and Chris Hatcher to DL while announcing Alex Wood would undergo elbow surgery. The Dodgers then recalled Julio Urias on Thursday. Urias made his comeback vs. the Washington Nationals in the series finale.

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  1. No question Archer is a good pitcher that the Dodgers need. The question is who are the Dodgers going to give up? Tampa Bay will seek top talent in return. Jose De Leon for sure.

  2. Arodc03 

    Chris Archer is a good pitcher who is having a down
    year.He has an extremely team friendly
    contract that will cost the team $35M over the next five years if both 2020 and
    2021 club options are exercised.He is
    not an Ace, but could be a good #2, but no worse than #3.He would be a good fit in the Dodger
    rotation.He is a better option than
    Scott Kazmir, but I would not include De Leon in any trade proposal.I do not think that De Leon would be a
    significant downgrade (if any) from Archer this year, and he has the potential
    to be as good if not better than Archer as a regular in the rotation in 2017
    and beyond.
    If they can get Archer without giving up De Leon, that could
    be a rotation of Kershaw, Maeda, Archer, Urias, and De Leon for 2017.I think the FO could convince Kazmir to opt
    out if he understands that he would not be considered for the rotation.McCarthy would be another option along with
    Stripling, Stewart, and Oaks (with Chase de Jong another potential).Who knows whether Ryu will ever pitch again,
    and I think that Wood moves to the bullpen next year.
    The problem is that the Rays do not have to make the
    trade.And if they trade Odorizzi or
    Moore, they will be even less motivated to trade Archer.The Rays need catching so Austin Barnes would
    probably be included.This would be a
    great opportunity to move Jharel Cotton and either Stripling/Stewart/Oaks.The Dodgers can’t use all of the ML ready
    RHSP.The Rays also like the young
    pitchers making Dodger A level pitchers like Josh Sborz or Andy Sopko enticing. The
    Rays also have very little relief after Colome then Cedeno.Maybe Pedro Baez could find a home in Tampa,
    or Jacob Rhame.

    I do not know what kind
    of value Tampa would place on any of those players, but I think the Dodgers
    could put something together without including De Leon.  If not, they need to move on.

  3. AlwaysCompete Arodc03 I don’t see how they don’t get this deal done without De Leon though AlwaysCompete.  The Rays’ asking price will surely start with De Leon.  And honestly, I wouldn’t balk at meeting that price.  De Leon is good to be sure, but Archer has already proven his worth at the major league level.  From 2012-2015 Archer, in the AL East mind you, posted a 31-29 record, averaged 178 innings per season (including just 128 in 2012), a 3.26 ERA/3.36 FIP, 8.84 K/9 and 2.96 BB/9.  That’s a pretty solid #2 pitcher if you ask me.  Of course if they can get the deal done without De Leon that would be ideal.  My ideal, and realistic trade, would be Archer for Holmes, Stripling, and Barnes.  Maybe one more position player in our top 20 not named Verdugo, Bellinger, or Calhoun.  I wouldn’t mind parting with someone like Diaz or Heredia to grab Archer if that is what it takes.

    Or maybe something along the lines of Archer for Baez, Stripling, Cotton/Stewart/Oaks, and Barnes?  I feel like if De Leon gets included, he is only moving with one other high level prospect in our top 20, and the Rays would only get two low level prospects beyond that.

  4. yarritsblake AlwaysCompete Arodc03 

    You may be
    right that Tampa insists on De Leon.IMO, if they have to include De Leon, I would not do the deal.As a fan, I acknowledge that I have a
    tendency to over-value Dodger prospects.But Archer is a workhorse/strike out pitcher.That is what De Leon will be.De Leon’s K/9 this year is north of 13, and
    for his career it is north of 12.His minor
    league career K/BB is better than 4.25.His
    minor league career ERA/WHIP is 2.49 and 1.02.He is three years younger than Archer.To me, I do not see that much of an upgrade right now, and certainly not
    in the future.Archer is not an Ace, and
    will be surpassed as the #1 this year by Blake Snell, and maybe #2 next year
    with Alex Cobb.His value is about to
    evaporate.But I would still want him as
    a Dodger at a fair price; maybe a little overpay because of the contract.

    I agree with
    your assessment of Verdugo and Bellinger.They have to be untouchables.Because Willie Calhoun does not have a true defensive position, I would
    consider including him.He has true offensive
    power, and could possibly find himself in LF.But to get a potential #2 or #3 (at the least), with the type of
    contract Archer has, the Dodgers are going to pony up some offense.Calhoun has power over Scavuzzo and Garlick,
    but is he really a better overall hitter or better defensive OF?Maybe, and if so he becomes that untouchable
    for you.Power in the Texas League is
    special.But is he a DH like the new
    Mariners 1B prospect Dan Vogelbach?I
    think he would have more value with Tampa Bay than with LA because of DH.  Maybe you consider Yusniel Diaz instead.

    Austin Barnes would
    be included.Tampa Bay needs catching
    desperately.Jharel Cotton must be moved
    as well.It is just the other pieces
    that will make Tampa Bay agree to move him.I think you need to include one of Stripling/Stewart/Oaks and Calhoun/Diaz
    (or Trayce Thompson).Archer’s biggest
    value is his contract, and that should not be a major determining factor for
    the Dodgers.Cotton, Barnes, Calhoun or
    Diaz, and one of Stripling/Stewart/Oaks seems fair for Chris Archer.That is three top 15 prospects and one back
    of the rotation type starting pitcher, which the Dodgers have an abundance of.  But not Jose De Leon.

  5. I think Tampa Bay sees Archer as a #1 and the Dodgers see him as a #2 particularly because they have Kershaw. Problem is that Kershaw is hurt and the Dodgers have a deep farm system so Tampa Bay will play that to its advantage and demand top prospects. I’m not sure Archer is the guy you give up a De Leon plus others for. Jose Fernandez, well that’s a different story….

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