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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Says the Padres Flat Out Beat LA in Intensity

The Dodgers dropped their third consecutive game to the Padres on Wednesday night resulting in a series sweep. San Diego came out swinging and set the tone early on Monday when they put up a 4 spot in the first inning. 

Los Angeles would never lead after that in the series. The hope is that Trevor Bauer could come in and salvage a win in the series on Wednesday night. Bauer gave up 3 solo homeruns and the Dodgers offense couldn’t come through once again. 

After the game, Bauer talked about the series and what led to the Dodgers getting swept. From what he said, it sounds like he did not think Los Angeles could match the intensity that San Diego put up on a nightly basis. 

They’re good. We know they’re good. They’ve got a lot of talent in that lineup. They’ve got a lot of talent on that pitching staff. A good team. And they absolutely kicked our ass from an intensity standpoint. They came to play and we didn’t. So that’s what happens in baseball. You try to come out and attack the other team and win and when you don’t have that mindset, you get rolled and we got rolled.

Based on how the Padres played all series, it’s tough to argue with Bauer. The Dodgers looked flat for most of the series and did indeed get rolled over 3 games. For his part, Bauer did manage to keep the Padres to “just” 3 solo shots. That kept them in the game until the bullpen handed over the lead late. 

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Intensity is a tough thing for a team to come up with. It can’t be faked and it really can’t be forced. For what it’s worth, Dave Roberts later said that he did not think the Dodgers were lacking intensity. He said that he felt the team showed up in San Diego to win a series. 

We’ll let you be the judge of that. 

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  1. This Dodger team is lacking something, maybe intensity is the right word. Hopefully in a couple of weeks when Seager comes back they will be reasonably whole again, and can catch fire. So tired of watching AAA and bench players mess this season up, when this team, when healthy, has stars at pretty much every position.

  2. Bauer managed to keep the Padres to just three solo shots?Like this is good?This is a sign for things to come from an average pitcher making elite money.

    1. Yes, this is not good. But the offense hasn’t been supportive when he pitches. We’ve seen the Dodgers explode scoring more than 3 runs. Bauer isn’t the problem. With this Dodger lineup, average pitching should still wind. He called it right. Intensity is why the Padres swept the Dodgers!

  3. Dodgers were out played in EVERY FACET OF THE GAME. Padres are a better team and so are the Giants. Its a couple reasons why from the very beginning that Dodgers may miss October all together. They are awful against LHP and Roberts is poor at managing the pitching and the daily lineups. Yes, injuries have played a part but no matter what, Roberts gets out managed on several occasions too.

    1. I don’t think the Padres and Giants are better teams than the Dodgers intended lineup. That being said, they both do have better teams than what the Dodgers have now. Once the Dodgers are back at full strength, they need to get over their WS “hangover” and light a fire under their ass. I agree that they are horrible at hitting LHP and DR blunders a lot. But don’t forget they also leave a ton of runners on base, the bullpen sucks (mostly), and they are the worst when it comes to opponents stealing bases on them. I think that once everyone is healthy, they just need to make a few tweaks and upgrade the bullpen. They do that and they’ll be a force in October.

  4. When you’re behind it’s hard to get that intensity to build especially getting bombed in the 1st inning off your ace starters. Dodgers had their chances in every game to take control of the game by getting a jump on them in top of the inning. Give it to the Padres, they made the plays, they scored again after the Dodgers scored…..Dodgers were always playing behind. Padres bullied the Dodgers and just outplayed and out managed them. This is not a rivalry at all, but a total dominance by one team. Sorry but the Dodgers got to get their act together fast because the Giants and Padres are on a runaway roll. The Giants and Padres have a couple of holes, but the Dodgers have been exposed by many holes. This doesn’t look like a championship team to repeat right now.

  5. Dodgers had that intense juice over the past couple of years with Dugie, Keke and Joc. All gone and all we have now is that stupid hat tapping deal. No fire, no consistency, no bullpen, too many lefty hitters and a manager that’s clueless. Mediocre team at best now. “Best team ever” LOL. Lesding hitter at .283 and then drops into the .260’s and below. Belli’s been figured out. Mookie’s the straw and he’s been bent out of shape all year. Rest are average at best. Verdugo was the best hitter on the team in ‘19, and he’d be they’re best bat now. And…..check the farm lately? Supposed to be stocked? How could there be anything down there if they keep bringing up Raley and these other duds. Not an arm of a bat from A to triple A worth waiting for. Seager will help, but not enough to make up for all the other holes

  6. This team has never had intensity aside from a handful of times almost all came last year.

    1. I agree!! Roberts is really a mediocre manager! The team is lacking something. Its time to look at the manager!!

  7. I tell my grandson (a huge Padre fan) that they have a strong team – pitching, hitting and fielding. The sweep of the Dodgers goes to INTENSITY! The Dodgers have played against the Padres like it was any other team. The Padres have played the Dodgers like a Champiionship Series every single time. They recognize that this momentum will spark them in the NLCS games. The Dodgers are just flat, lack the INTENSITY and continue to play like “just another game” Whose job is it to light a fire?!

    Yes, you give your stars a rest but NOT when they are playing the best. If the stars are injured, put them on the IL so that they can rest and heal. Don’t put AAA players in the line-up or as relief pitchers when playing your best opponents.

    Light a FIRE,motivate the players and kick some butt!

    Always a Dodger fan despite living in SD County for the last 25 years.

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