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Dodgers: Two New Attractions Opening at Dodger Stadium on Friday Night

If you’re headed out to Dodger Stadium tonight, keep an eye out on a few new attractions open in the center field plaza. Importantly, these new attractions offer fans ice cream and micheladas, so it’s an absolute win for Dodger fans.

Today, the team announced that fans will now be able to pick up draft micheladas from the old, custom firetruck that’s been parked out on the concourse. The truck will offer either a signature or spicy miche mix served right from the truck.

Additionally, fans will be able to pick up locally produced ice cream sandwiches at the classic LA lowrider firetruck.

After announcing these attractions as part of the $100 million center field renovation project back in 2019, finally, they’ll see the light of day as open and operating concessions.

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  1. Do Dodger fans go to games for ‘just the game’ any longer?? Does one need all the fancy and expensive distractions?

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