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Dodgers: Tyler Anderson Explains Why Los Angeles is the Mecca of Pitching

The latest Dodgers ownership knows how to dive deep into the baseball numbers. And while that might annoy fans at times, it also provides them the opportunity ti compete every single year. We’ve seen it many times over the years. Los Angeles scoops up a pitcher with poor numbers and turns them into a 1-2 year gold mine. 

You can look at guys like Joe Blanton, Alex Wood, and recently Yency Almonte as just a few examples. So what about the Dodgers makes it so that they can change the course of a player’s career? Almonte just said recently that Los Angeles’ coaching staff really knows what they’re doing, and that’s what has led to his success so far. 

But Tyler Anderson might have summed it up best this week. In speaking with the New York Times, Anderson talked about how the Dodgers are very open to hearing things from the players. That would include trying out new stuff and getting rid of things that don’t do them any good. 

“I feel like they never write anything off here. Some teams, if you try stuff, they don’t really like trying new things. Whereas they’re not afraid to try new things here — and they also know how to weed out things that don’t work.”

One of the things they’re very good at is taking the weapons that the players already have and making them better. For Anderson, it was getting back to the change-up, which he’s using far more often than in 2021. That has the Dodgers pitcher putting up the best numbers of his career. 

But they’re also good at cutting out the things hurting pitchers. Just look at Almonte. He was throwing his heater almost half the time in 2021, and opposing hitters were having a lot of success against it. They started having him rely on his slider, and he is having by FAR the best year of his young career. 

If you’re a big-league pitcher, Los Angeles is where you want to be. 

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  1. Well that’s good news. 2 players in 10 years and one unproven. Oh wait. They try 10 per year. Uh say 100. Not so good. Say 2 percent. What happened to the other 98 pitchers? 2 out of 100 is more luck than anything. What happened to the 10/12 from last year.

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