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Dodgers: Vin Scully Gives an Update on His Health

With so much bad in the world these days, it’s nice to being some good news. Dodgers fans have certainly needed it as of late, with one thing after another piling up in 2020.

But out of a scary moment, we get an inspiring one in the form of Vin Scully. The 92-year-old former Dodgers’ broadcaster took a spill at his home this week, giving fans a heck of a scare. The Dodgers made sure to update his status every step of the way when possible, even quoting Vin’s jokes in the process. 

During the Dodgers live Zoom session with fans, they played a video of Vin giving fans an update and thanking them for thoughts and prayers. We’ve posted it below so that you can hear Vin’s soothing, wonderful voice. 

Of course, Vin took the time to thank so many people around him and take the focus off of himself, humble as always. I’m sure it is not just me, but I don’t think there is a voice I needed to hear more right now than Vin Scully’s. 

Thanks again, I’m feeling better. Thanks for your good wishes, and remember, sooner or later, you’re gonna hear it, it’ll be time for Dodger baseball.

Vin has been a constant source of positivity during this COVID-19 pandemic, taking the times to record videos for fans. He recently put one out on YouTube with the Dodgers’ social team, encouraging fans to stay safe and stay healthy. The Dodgers will be back soon, and we can’t wait. Best wishes to Vin, as we are all hoping for a speedy recovery!

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