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Dodgers vs. Astros: 10 Fascinating Things to Know About This Heated Rivalry

This weekend the Los Angeles Dodgers will renew their heated rivalry with the Houston Astros at Dodger Stadium. Even before the cheating scandal came out about the 2017 World Series, the Dodgers and the Astros hated each other.

Here’s 10 important things to know about the rivalry between the two teams:

  1. The Dodgers lead the series against the Astros with 394 wins in 734 regular season meetings.
  2. The Dodgers and the Astros are knotted at six during the postseason.
  3. In 1980, the Astros prevented the Dodgers with 92 wins from reaching the NLCS by beating them in a three-game tie-breaking series.
  4. On April 9, 1981, Fernando Valenzuela shut out the Astros 2-to-0, beginning Fernandomania. Valenzuela replaced the injured Jerry Reuss.
  5. On Saturday, September 26, 1981, while pitching for the Astros, Nolan Ryan broke Dodger legend Sandy Koufax’s record by pitching his fifth no-hitter. Ryan retired Dusty Baker for the last out of the no-hitter. Vin Scully announced the no-hitter.
  6. Dodger Hall of Famer Don Sutton left the Dodgers as a free agent after the 1980 season to become an Astro and pitched for them for two seasons.
  7. The 1981 baseball season was strike-shortened forcing Major League Baseball to hold its first NLDS. The Astros and the Dodgers met in the 1981 NLDS, and the Dodgers, eventually winning the World Series against the New York Yankees, took the NLDS three games to two games.
  8. On September 19, 1988, Orel Hershiser pitched his fourth consecutive shutout against the Astros.
  9. In 1993, Major League Baseball realigned, taking the Astros out of the National League Western Division, and in 2013, the Astros went to the American League Western Division.
  10. The Dodgers had the best record and the Astros had the second-best record in the Majors during the 2017 regular season. They met in the World Series, and the Astros beat the Dodgers four games to three games. Later Major League Baseball found the Astros cheated during the 2017 World Series by banging on a metal trashcan to tell their hitters what kind of pitch was coming.

The Dodgers will look for revenge against the Astros for the 2017 World Series cheating scandal this weekend.

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