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Dodgers: What Comes Next for Dustin May for the Rest of the NLDS

The Dodgers have already talked about using some of their other starting pitchers in relief roles early in the NLDS. With Walker Buehler’s blister issue, that became a reality on Tuesday night in Texas. Buehler was able to go 4 innings and ran his pitch count into the upper 90s before being pulled. That paved the way for Dustin May to make an early appearance in the series.

When May did get a chance to come into the game, he was absolutely filthy. He had Padres hitters off balance for both innings that he pitched and did not allow a single baserunner. He struck out 3 of the 6 batters he faced before handing the ball over to Victor Gonzalez in the 7th.

As it turns out, that will likely not be Dustin May’s only appearance of the series. Dave Roberts revealed that May could even get a start the postgame press conference following the Dodgers’ win.

To have Walker going, not knowing how long he’s gonna go but then with Clayton going tomorrow, I think the idea was for Dustin to take on a run tonight, to have him available for 3. And we’ll figure out what capacity if it’s a starter or to come out of the pen, whatever, I think that was kind of the idea behind it.

The idea that Doc is talking about is using today as a sort of normal between-starts bullpen day that he might normally throw if he didn’t play. May did just that, throwing 27 pitches on Tuesday night. That means the Dodgers could lean on him for a few innings in game 3, or perhaps even later in the series if needed. 

Dodgers Depth Comes Into Play

That being said, the Dodgers find themselves in a very good position with the depth in their pitching staff. They only had to use three relievers outside of May to get through Tuesday night’s game while San Diego had to utilize 8. 

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  1. Using May in Game 1 was definitely a smart move. He worked long enough to not overuse the bullpen, but short enough to be available in another game. Gonsolin could start Game 3, May could start Game 4 (if needed), pitch 4-5 innings, and be relieved by Urias for 3 innings. Urias could also be available in Game 3. Of course, Buehler and Kershaw might also be available for a few innings. This team is covered, unlike the Padres. I should note, however, that if Buehler or May gave up several runs in Game 1, all those naysayers would be talking about how poorly the team was managed.

  2. I should also add that I think that Buehler should not be used again in this series, if possible. He should rest his finger and let it heal. We need him at the top of his game in the next series.

  3. Buehler always pitching behind in the count. Ridiculous how many pitches for so few innings. Going to eventual kill us!

  4. What worries me is that our hitters are making an average group of SD relievers look like Cy Young candidates.

  5. Urias should have followed Buehler in this game just like he did in the opener against the Brewers. He did a great job of long relief in that game, after several questionable starts where he struggled early. May should have been the 3 starter in this series. Now he has been taken out of that picture. Apparently Dave Roberts has decided to gift that role to Urias even though May and Gonsolin have both been superior to Urias all year long. May was outstanding in relief last night. He could have been outstanding as a starter in game 3. Why can”t Dave Roberts do things based on real performance.

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