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Dodgers: What the Heck Kind of Lineup Was That? Padres Preview, How Much More Cody? | Blue Heaven Podcast

Things go off the rails early for Clint, Brook, and Doug. After another Dodgers loss in St. Louis, everyone quickly turned to questioning the lineup decisions of Dave Roberts after seeing the manager turn in a lineup card featuring Cody Bellinger, Steven Souza, Billy McKinney, and (the slugger of the group) Austin Barnes.

Belli’s season-plus-long slump continued with another 0-4 game and we discuss whether continuing to put him in the lineup like this could have long-lasting effects on his mental state and career. Plus, we’re back on the #freemattbeaty talk which has suddenly become a lot louder amongst fans.


Now sitting 2.5 games behind the Giants, the Dodgers are flat out running out of time to capture that 9th straight NL West crown. No longer being in control of their own destiny, is it time for the team and all of us to keep one eye out on the Wild Card game? With that, the guys make their choice for who starts the one-and-done Wild Card game at Dodger Stadium. Plus, we argue about whether the Dodgers still will win the division.

Somewhat staying on the Wild Card topic, the Padres come to town this weekend and Brook gets one of his wishes answered. San Diego starter Chris Paddack is finally starting against LA. We make our predictions for the NL West showdown.

Plus we read fan thoughts on what’s wrong with Cody Bellinger.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. All of the players that are playing horribly (especially Belli) need to be traded away or designated for assignment. They all suck.

  2. Yep was a fine lineup. And the “resting” of Justin after a 2 homer night???? I was really questioning Robert’s lineup decisions. As for Cody, it looked like he was pulling out of it when he had that mini 8 game hit streak with 4? homers. Then he had that call when he was playing first and the baserunner was clearly out of the running box on that dribbler. Cody was given an error. Should have called the runner out. We may have won that game. Yep, his positive lift was shot down. The team has mismanaged his injuries. And now he is going to have to dig deep within himself to come back. 2 more weeks before starting the season would have worked wonders. So would have 2 weeks of half games after the leg injury. Send him in for defense and one or 2 at bats after the 6th inning. But now we are beyond that. He still has that 5 tool player within. The coaches are now 100% to blame for where he is at.

  3. For a team supposedly driven by micro stats, this version of the Dodgers doesn’t make sense. Whatever stats they look at that makes them keep Matt Batey in OKC and McKinney in LA don’t make sense! Whatever stats looked at that keep Belli in the line-up don’t make sense! Send Belli to OKC–or home! Is management afraid to accused of not giving him a fair chance? “What got ya here, will keep you here?” He hasn’t done what got him here, for a long, long time!

    Every team has ups and downs—Dodger managements seem paralyzed.

  4. I told you guys this was going to happen. Roberts has his head up his a—-. Beatty shouldn’t of never been sent down to begin with. He was our best hitter off the bench. So, what does Roberts do, he plays Sousa, a right handed hitter against a right handed pitcher where Beatty would have been the obvious choice. Four guys hitting .215 or less and go 0 for 12 and Roberts gives the press his bull s—- about why he put that lineup out there. Wow! Beatty has been in Roberts dog house ever since he played him in right field about a month ago and he couldn’t get to a ball hit in front of him. Roberts threw him under the bus and blamed him for the loss for not getting to that ball. From that moment on he played him very little when he was the best option we had. This team sucks when it comes to hitting in the clutch and they have all season. If we had won only 3 of those games we lost, we would be in first place. Roberts has been making these kinds of decisions all season resting people who need to be playing especially when the team isn’t hitting. Turner gets two home runs coming off a slump and that gets him a seat on the bench the next game when we have to win. The guys know they are in trouble and are trying to get out of these slumps which most of them are in. Expect to see Roberts back again next year regardless of what happens. I hope the GM hears or sees what the fans are saying.

  5. Dodger fans need to start an online petition to fire Roberts. Give him a mandatory IQ test especially including baseball rules. He’s definitely sub-Gump

  6. yeah, Roberts hit a new low with that jackass 0-fer lineup. And his insistence on running Belli out there and expecting him to hit is insanity. Finally, all of us fans can’t understand why Beaty was sent down and worse, why he is still there. Beaty should be starting over Belli.

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