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Dodgers Will Get a Familiar Voice in the Booth for Game 7 of the NLCS

Dodgers fans are still trying to grasp the insanity of their team getting to Game 7 of the NLCS despite being down 3-1 just a few days ago. It’s been so crazy, that many didn’t realize the treat that will be waiting for them when they turn on the televisions tomorrow evening. 

With the series going to Game 7, Joe Buck will no longer be on the call. Buck will instead move to call the Packers vs Buccaneers tomorrow on Fox for the NFL. In his place, the Dodgers will get to have a familiar voice in Joe Davis joining the booth

It seems like a pretty fair scenario, given that Atlanta has had John Smoltz in the booth for the entire series. Not the Dodgers and Braves will have representatives calling the game, though both guys try their best to remain neutral third-parties in these scenarios. 

For those that are somehow unfamiliar, Davis is the play-by-play man for the Dodgers throughout the season. That is, when he’s not called in to work Fox games. Normally working alongside the very talented and entertaining Orel Hershiser, we’ll have to settle for a Hall of Famer in John Smoltz. 

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Dodgers NLCS: LA Forces Game 7 With a Huge Win Over Atlanta



  1. Davis should become the main Fox guy one day. Buck declines more and more every year and wasn’t that good to begin with

  2. Joe buck does not like the Dodgers. He’s almost as obnoxious as Michael Kay for the Yankees.

  3. I dislike Joe Buck and John Smoltz so much on the
    on the Fox NCLS broadcasts that I finally turned the volume off on my TV and listened to Rick Monday and Charlie Steiner on AM 570 while still watching my screen. Unfortunately, Rick and Charlie are about 5 seconds ahead of Fox Sports 1. If only the AM 570 transmission was on 5 second delay it could be synced up with the slightly delayed DVR playback on Fox Sports 1. But unless the Dodgers make it to the World Series, it’s too late now. At least Joe Davis will be taking Joe Buck’s place this evening.

    Not only will Davis provide more relevant insights iand descriptions of the game, the players, and even baseball history, he will also help to balance out John Smoltz who has been talking way too much about his bygone days on the Braves while Buck has continually stating the obvious and merely announcing what viewers can easily see. And Smoltz talks way too much— chattering away and filling every spare second with his blabbermouthing. Both Buck and Smoltz repeat themselves so often and frequently sound as if they have done little if any preparation and tare just winging it. I have actually learned a lot listening to Davis, but with Buck I just hear his plain descriptions of what I can see with my own eyes. Smoltz’s homerism may be appropriate for a Braves broadcast but not for a national audience.

    Worst of all was Joe Buck’s extremely inappropriate, disrespectful, and poorly executed attempt at an impersonation of Vin Scully near the end of the Dodgers 15-3 victory. He should be suspended by Fox from doing any more baseball broadcasts in 2020 for that.

  4. I’d rather mute the game (and I have many times) than listen to Buck. He is not a neutral commentator and constantly negative about the Dodgers. Hope they never bring him back!

  5. I would rather have Charlie Steiner. Davis and Hershiser are so boring talking about where eat what they do on offdays, yadda, yadda, yadda. Some turn off the sound and listen on the radio for Steiner and Monday. The only problem with that is the time delay between the radio and TV transmissions.

  6. Good call on Davis. Should have replaced Homer Smoltz also. I don’t have the luxury of radio broadcast for audio here on East coast.

  7. I read criticism of Smoltz by Braves fans saying he was favoring the Dodgers. You can’t please everyone. I personally thought Smoltz was very fair with his analysis the entire series. He wasn’t always right, but he was fair.

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