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Kershaw’s Challenge and LA Dodgers Foundation Team Up to Provide Over 800 Shoes to Students

Last week, the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation along with “Kershaw Challenge,” established by Ellen and Clayton Kershaw teamed up with “Shoes that Fit” to provide new shoes to more than 800 students at 92nd St. Elementary School in Watts, CA. The event took play at Ted Watkins Memorial Park and featured plenty of smiles behind the masks of everyone involved.


Shoes that Fit was named as a beneficiary of Kershaw’s Challenge with the goal of providing new shoes to students in the Los Angeles and Dallas areas. Understandably, Clayton was unable to attend the event over the weekend, but he did have this to say in a statement.

“Sometimes meeting a basic need—like providing shoes for kids to go to school and be kids—that’s the stuff that matters most. We love the mission of Shoes that Fit because it is so simple—get new shoes on the feet of kids,” said Clayton Kershaw. “This event means a lot to us at Kershaw’s Challenge. Postseason baseball is in full swing, but we are so grateful for the friends and partners who are making this event possible. My hope is that a pair of new shoes makes these kids feel seen, known and loved.”

The Dodgers Foundation awarded a $20,000 grant to Shoes that Fit. LADF CEO Nichol Whiteman added.

“While the start of the new school year has been unconventional, the need for a new, well-fitting pair of shoes is more important than ever to keep kids active and healthy as they learn remotely.”  “Too many families must choose between putting food on the table or buying new shoes. It is our hope this will provide some relief to the families and joy to the kids during these unprecedented times.”

Families were also provided food boxes from Vesta Food Service and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

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