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Dodgers Will Paint The Right Field Pavillion Seat Where Kirk Gibson’s Homer Landed

I’m The Dodgers are doing their part to mend fences with Kirk Gibson. The legend of the 1988 World Series provided a moment that will withstand time forever in the sport. Gibson will be throwing out the first pitch on opening night of the regular season. The organization gave mention to partnering with Gibson to fight Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological disorders. Now plans have been announced with an extraordinarily creative idea to support a great cause.

The Dodgers will be painting ‘the seat’ in the right field pavilion where the home run landed. You will have the opportunity to stand in the spot where the home run landed. If you you’re willing to pay for it, you can sit in the seat.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have announced plans to paint Seat 1, Row D in Section 302 of Dodger Stadium. The seat marks the spot where Kirk Gibson’s home run landed to win Game 1 of the 1988 World Series and all tickets sold for that seat will raise money to fight Parkinson’s Disease, according to Dodger Insider.

Gibson will also sign the seat. Tickets are expected to go for about $150, according to Eric Stephens of True Blue LA.

Obviously, this is an awesome way to commemorate a milestone and creates a unique experience for one lucky fan each night. All while helping a great charity. I believe that this is something that fans will find neat – based on my own firsthand experience.

My Hunt For the Gibson Seat

I’ve always been biased about Dodger Stadium. I think it’s the finest ballpark to ever be laid upon soil. But I’ve had some envy of the neat little nuances at other parks. There’s the red seat in Fenway to honor the Ted Williams home run. When I traveled to Wrigley Field, a group of fans flocked to see the ‘Bartman Seat’ during batting practice. Now one of baseball’s most historic parts has a special seat in the house just like the other cathedrals around baseball.

When I made my first trip to Dodger Stadium in June of 2017, my wife and I were hunting for tickets online while walking around Venice Beach. When she asked where I wanted to sit, the only thing that had been on my mind for years was ‘Gibson territory’.

While we drove the 405 to the park, I Googled frantically to try to find the exact seat so I could buy a ticket. I missed the mark. We ended up in section 306, row F, seats 3 and 4. Some friends we made pointed out the Gibson seat to me from a distance and I grimaced.

With the Dodgers publicizing this historic area for the park for a few great reasons, people like me won’t miss out on this from here forward.

Is it on your bucket list to sit in the Gibson seat? Do you like the unique wrinkle the Dodgers have added as much as I do? Am I dork for loving things like this at baseball stadiums (I am)? Let us know in the comments!

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