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Dodgers World Series: Clayton Kershaw Might Not be Quite Done With This Series

Clayton Kershaw wasn’t as dominant in his game 5 start against the Rays, but the Dodgers ace gave the club exactly what was needed after a nightmare the night before.

The veteran left-hander tossed 5.2 innings pitched, allowing 5 hits and 2 earned runs while walking 2 and striking out 6 on 85 pitches. In game 1, Kershaw threw only 78 pitches over 6 dominant innings. 

If you’ve been a Dodger fan any point throughout this stretch of 8 straight division titles, you might be reading the writing on the wall here… Yes, after a game 5 win, Clayton said he plans to be ready to go again in this series if he’s needed.

I’m still going to try and get ready, recover as best I can and be ready to pitch at any moment because it’s the last two games of the season.

While the World Series has its second and final day off on Monday, both clubs will likely find themselves at the ballpark for light workouts and treatment with the training staff. Despite his age, Clayton Kershaw, 32, is someone notorious for having a superhuman ability to recover and heal. Former teammates have raved about the future Hall of Famer’s ability to pitch through pain and get himself ready to pitch in situations where normal humans might not be able to even get out of bed.

Aggrandizing Kershaw aside, he’s been a horse for this organization over his career. Time and time again he’s put his body on the line in an attempt to lead the team to the promised land. But in this case, he might not have to. He’s had an exceptional postseason and a brilliant World Series in 2020 and he’s done so sticking with a more traditional workload.

Perhaps it’s best to keep it that way… but that likely wouldn’t sit well for Clayton Edward Kershaw.

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  1. Here’s the second biggest mistake Roberts repeatedly makes – bringing in Kershaw in postseason relief roles. Of course the biggest mistake is bringing in Jansen to close any postseason game, which is how game 4 was thrown away. Leave both of these guys on the bench for the final two games so we can actually win a world series. If the series goes to seven games, let Buehler throw 120 pitches. Kershaw has finally had a good postseason. Leave it that way by leaving him on the shelf.

  2. I love Kersh. But he is not Madison Bumgarner. In most ways, he is better than Bumgarner. But not in the postseason. He has done his job. If the rest of the Dodger pitching staff can’t get the job done that’s not Kershaw’s fault. But I don’t want to see him in Game 7 no matter what happens.

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