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Dodgers: Yasiel Puig Tells Pantone 294 that LA Was Suspicious of Astros Cheating

For now, the fate of the Houston Astros’ organization remains undefined. Recently, things began to get higher and deeper for Houston when a leaked e-mail from 2017 detailed a front office executive encouraging scouts to steal sings.

Now, there’s more. Surely, it’s a rumor; but it reads well enough to fit the story for my eyes until proven otherwise.

First off – the story is a firsthand account from Pantone 294 CEO – otherwise known as ‘alexuur’ on Twitter. Indeed, it’s about the 2017 World Series when the Astros were at the peak of their sign-stealing madness. Equally important, they may have cheated the Dodgers out of the first World Championship since 1988. Here’s how the story goes.

Furthermore, two tweets from Pantone 294’s Alex detail a story he tells from a Cuban dinner with former Los Angeles Dodgers’ outfielder Yasiel Puig.

Allegedly – Puig said that during the 2017 World Series – he and Cody Bellinger heard the infamous whistling throughout a game. What’s more, Bellinger actually commented to Puig on the strange noises.

“What the f— man, do you hear that?” Puig said to Bellinger.

Right now, the story goes that the Astros also used a garbage can in the home dugout to bang on when certain signs were stolen. Take a look at the video evidence of the Astros hooting and hollering.

While this is merely a tweet from the owner and CEO Pantone 294, certainly the visuals help to verify Puig’s story.

Finally, one thing I always loved about Puig was his honesty. Not only can I hear him telling this story, but I can hear him saying that ‘the whole team knew the Astros were cheaters but what they gonna do mannn’.

Simply put, it doesn’t get any more Puig than that. Obviously, more details are going to find their way to the mainstream. While that happens, we will be here to document anything involving the Dodgers.

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  1. What can you do? How about calling them out while it’s happening report it mlb do something. The Dodgers even choke at stopping cheating smh

    1. Yes. Blame the Dodgers for having someone cheat while playing them.

      If this isn’t Peak Discussion Board, then I’m not sure what is.

      1. Hey genius according to puig they knew while it was happening. Instead of doing something while they could they did nothing. Just another thing they choke at

  2. The 2017 New York Yankees got cheated by losing their opportunity to the World Series and the Los Angeles Dodgers got cheated of winning the World Series. What a shame on the Houston Astros Organization. MLB needs stripped the 2017 World Series title from them ASAP period and do the right thing and also a deep investigation on all of them and hold them accountable from the owners and front office, managers, coaches and players, TV crew and sound technicians. They tainted America Best Pastime Sport Major League Baseball.

  3. What can you do? You can stop the world from spinning! And then you can spin it backwards until you get to a point where you can start it all over again! That’s how we used to do it in the ’70s, Manny.

    1. Stupid comment. Puig said they knew something was up while it was going on. That means something could be done at the moment before it’s too late. Nice try though with your little clever “point” there

  4. Hey guys, I’m a fan and read your website regularly. As a fan though, I gotta say that pretty much every single one of your articles commits at least one glaring journalistic mistake. In this case, the original post from @alexuur clearly states, “Puig told Cody ‘what the fuck man do you hear that?'” It is the ONLY quote you reproduce in the article. And yet, you egregiously misquote him: “‘What the f— man, do you hear that?” Bellinger said to Puig.'” By using quotation marks, you’re directly attributing your misquote to @alexuur. And he literally said the opposite of what you claim.

    How can you get this wrong? It’s so simple. I literally see mistakes like this on a regular basis.

  5. Watch new updates about the Astro Organization cheating at Jomboy media on YouTube need I say more?

  6. I left a comment an hour ago with a polite criticism on the article. Why has it not been published? Comments have been published since mine. I wasn’t disrespectful at all, I read your blog regularly. Wondering why I’ve been censored…?

      1. Got you, my apologies! I read your stuff all the time, Clint. I hope you don’t take offense to my comment.

        1. Also, I appreciate your correction in the article. Just have to point out that you still write, “What’s more, Bellinger actually commented to Puig on the strange noises,” when it was the other way around.

      2. Funny but several of my comments have never made it to being punished. I’m also wondering what is going on???

        Seems like strong profanity, wishing other people dead (NODH), unproven political slander (Inez Torres) and sexual innuendo are all just fine.

        My offerings contained nothing remotely like that but did challenge certain points of view.

        What’s up with this?

        1. What’s up Ozone8? I know for a comment to not be posted, it has to have a good reason. Otherwise we are pretty laissez faire (I think that is the french spelling) with it; we like all kinds of viewpoints and comments from all readers. We appreciate people taking the time to contribute their opinions especially after taking the time to read our hard work. I’ll keep an eye out! I know in my case, I take the time to read every response; even if I don’t have time to respond. I always like to check the temperature of ‘the Nation and no better way to do it than by reading the comments.

          1. Clint, thanks for the thoughtful response. It puzzled me when my comments disappeared (or rather never did appear after “waiting to be moderated”). I, too, enjoy reading the comments- sometimes as much as the story itself. And thanks for keeping us informed on a daily basis. By the way, what does it take to become a contributor to Dodgers Nation?

            Go Dodgers!

  7. Major League Baseball should strip the astros of the 2017 World Series Championship and give it to the rightful owners,
    Then, one of coaches from the 2017 astros went to boston and they did the exact same thing to the DODGERS in 2018. It’s a Travesty of Justice. The DODGERS got ROBBED 2 years in a row, by two teams with NO INTEGRITY!!!

  8. Well, we have the new england CHEATERS !!! and now the Houston CHEATERS!!!! my goodness. Any Super Bowl or World Series trophy that is acquired by cheating, must be stripped from these CHEATERS, as simple as that.

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