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Dodgers: Zach McKinstry Felt the Nerves in Rivalry Round 1 Against the Padres

Dodgers rookie utility man Zach McKinstry had an undoubtedly eventful weekend in San Diego against the Padres. For the first time in his big league career, he was in a massively hyped series against one of the top teams in the majors.

Zach started two of the three games in the series and, as you’d imagine, there were some jitters for the 25-year-old.

McKinstry joined Casey Stern and Brad Lidge on Monday’s edition of MLB Inside Pitch on Sirius XM where he was asked about that electrifying series against the Padres

“It was hard to eat, that’s for sure…when you’re growing up those are the types of games you dream about playing in. If you’re not ready for that, you shouldn’t be in this league…if they tell you that you should be here, then you should be ready for those games.”

Regardless of his pregame caloric intake, or lack thereof, McKinstry went 4-10 over the weekend and collected two RBI in the series win. The nerves may have been apparent in game one when he committed a throwing error that helped San Diego bring the score close enough to tie late in the game. 

Now, with the Padres and Dodgers already ready to face off again for four games starting on Thursday at Dodger Stadium, McKinstry better start fueling up on Wednesday’s off day before it’s hard to eat again.

I hear Jack in the Box has a cool special going on these days.

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