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Dodgers Rumors: Justin Turner Reportedly Seeking Multi-Year Contract

And the Justin Turner free agency starts to come into frame. The top free agent of the Dodgers Turner is rumored to be seeking a multi-year deal, according to the Boston Globe. Moreover, Peter Abraham says that the 36-year-old is looking for a three-year deal.

Here’s exactly what Abraham had to say.

Justin Turner is seeking a three-year deal with the Dodgers, and the team would like to have him back. Turner has value in the market given his still potent bat and strong performance in the World Series. Dave Roberts and Mookie Betts have said Turner is the key to what has been a strong team culture.

Notably, this is the first time we’ve heard anything about JT’s contract demands this offseason. While three years seems reasonable at first glance for a team leader like JT, again, he is on the wrong side of 30 35 and has seen his defense metric decline in each of the last few seasons. But what he’s meant to this team and organization since signing with LA ahead of the 2014 season cannot be overlooked. And inking him through his age 38 season seems like a good show of respect for the 2020 World Series champ.

Heading into the middle of December could mean the market starts heating up in earnest. And with other teams showing interest in the free agent, a deal with Turner may come together sooner rather than later, if he re-signs with the Dodgers.

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  1. Even without the DH (though there WILL be one) he can easily play 3B in 2021 with Eddie Rios, Muncy or even Seager to spell him, since Lux, CT3 and even Barnesy can play 2B.

  2. JT seeking a multi-year deal? In other news, the sun is predicted to rise in the east tomorrow.

  3. I’ve been saying 2 or 3 yr contract for JT since Urias got the last out in the WS, and JT became a free agent. He wants a 3 yr contract? GIVE IT TO HIM. He wants to finish his career with the Dodgers? LET HIM. Do the right thing. Re-sign Turner, and let everyone enjoy another WS win, and quite possibly multiple wins. JUST DO IT.

  4. Three year deal could benefit the Dodgers as well as Turner; significant signing bonus that is spread over three years rather than two keeps the AAV down as the team attempts to sign players like Seager to extensions. Turner’s defense at third base is no longer golden, but it isn’t horrible, and he can play first base; there is no doubt that universal DH will be here in 2022, and very likely for 2021. Keep him a Dodger!

    1. Ideally, the Dodgers and the NL could use the DH. I’m Not a fan of the DH, I’m an NL guy. However since MLB went with the DH last yr in the NL, people have said you “can’t go back to pitchers hitting after 1yr not and I understand that. This would make signing Turner easier for the Dodgers. There are a lot of Dodgers whose contracts are up i.e. Kershaw(Dodger for life??), Seager Buehler, Bellinger, Urias. With COVID-19 Raging, the Dodgers will Not be able to keep all of the names above.

  5. Give Turner 3 years at $45M, structure it 20/15/10, with opt outs after each year, done deal. Doubt anyone else is going to guarantee him more than $45M, and its respectable, and doesn’t overpay him for his age 38 season.

  6. I agree with rainbirdmuse on Turner.

    Also, although I believe that “MINO” (Money is no object) exists with the Dodgers Brass, the signing of Mookie Betts brought an important issue into focus: If the Dodgers want to spend stupid money on one player, it prevents them from re-signing multiple other players when they come due for free agency.

    Turner, Hernandez, and JOC all want whats coming to them. These guys have been the center of the Dodgers for 5 plus years. So, are the Dodgers gonna part with them now that they ask for free-agent money? They might have to.

  7. Respecting a player doesn’t protect a team against his age and injuries. Turner’s defense has been declining. A two-year, low-salary, high-incentive deal with a team option on year three is a, realistic, possibility. I like Turner. I like winning more championships more than Turner.

    1. Three yr contract for Turner is too long at his age 36. The Dodgers need to decide which of Seager, Bellinger and Buehler they are going to keep. IF only COVID-19 would disappear so life can return to some normalcy. What is Kershaw going to ask at his age another “legacy contract” = albatross of a contract. See Angels and Albert Pujols and Lakers before they won this year.

      1. Robin, first thing is Dodgers must prepare for 2021, and then when time comes,then address future years. But consider this; “If ya got one foot into yesterday and one in tomorrow, then the only place we are not experiencing is today, and today is where we need to be. “And Dodgers should be focusing on ‘today’ which at the present time is the off season to maKe adjustments to the roster where they are currently needed.

  8. A 36 year old who has failed to stay healthy the last 3 seasons (4 if you count 2020), has shown diminishing power and defense, wants a 3 year contract? Well, good-bye Justin Turner!

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