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MLB Writer Feels Dodgers Are in ‘Perfect Position’ to Wait Out Nolan Arenado Trade

Yes, I’m bringing back Nolan Arenado to the Dodgers chatter. It was the first big headline of the offseason, “Nolan Arenado will be traded to the Dodgers by Christmas.” Since that time, the headline has been shot down and rumors have subsided.

Still, an Arenado deal remains top of mind for some fans. And in the mind of one baseball writer, those fans may still yet be rewarded.

Rockies scribe for The Athletic Nick Groke explored the trade case for the superstar third baseman earlier this week where, in his mind, the Dodgers can wait out Colorado for the right deal.

The Dodgers are in a perfect position. They can wait to see if [GM Jeff] Bridich becomes desperate. And if not, then whatever. The Rockies, on the other hand, are in a tough spot. They should be worried.

Groke added the qualifier that while LA would like to have Nolan in its lineup in 2021, there isn’t really a pressing need for the defending world champs.

However, now with the reported contract demands of free agent Dodger Justin Turner making its way into the hot stove ethos on Saturday, a trade scenario involving Arenado could once again gain traction. Turner, 36, is seeking a three-year deal on the open market. At that age, LA president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman may be reluctant to bite. For as much as JT means to the organization, a commitment through his age 38 season could hamstring the club and potentially block some top prospects.

Where a deal with Turner makes more sense is in a scenario where the financials are front loaded and the latter year(s) of the contract come with an expectation that he phase into a utility role akin to Chase Utley.

Or, instead, the club puts aside a JT reunion and wait for that Colorado desperation to kick in.

Will a deal for Nolan Arenado come together this offseason? It’s reasonably possible. Could it be with the Dodgers? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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  1. $ – 199 million of them, along with the players the Dodgers would have to send to the Rockies, is why the Dodgers are not going trade for Arenado. Rockies retain a significant amount of his remaining salary? Don’t hold your breath for the Colorado owners to send money to the very rich Dodgers, then watch Arenado win a couple of World Series rings. Waiting for Arenado to opt out of ~ $165 million after the 2021 season is a fool’s errand.

    1. Just re-sign JT. I’m tired of the Arenado trade chatter. He just isn’t worth the money. When Friedman signed Morrow the other day, I got the sense that he not only knows the game of baseball, and the business of baseball, but he also knows a little bit about loyalty and doing the right thing. Just re-sign JT. We can talk about Arenado in 3 or 4 years when Colorado or some other team is willing to foot part of the bill, like the Sox and David Price. Mookie’s big contract instantly translated to a WS victory, and will continue to provide more. Arenado does not provide that kind of impact. He is way overpriced.

      1. Nobody is comfortable with a 36 year old as an everyday starter. Nor at age 38. If Turner doesn´t take a one year deal, let him leave. He´s being greedy, and he´s not worth it at that age. I´d rather take championships than loyalty. He re-signed Morrow and Nelson as cost-effective moves with low-risk, high upside. That wasn´t out of loyalty. Arenado´s average goes down, but his power stays the same(16 home runs in 48 career games at DS) and run producing ability is incredible, especially because his lineup is just Trevor Story and Charlie Blackmon, with a bunch of minimum wage store workers hired to fill in the other spots. Arenado might be overpriced, but not by a whole lot. I´d say 25M a year is worth it for him.

  2. The only good deal for Arenado would be Arenado and about $80M for a few fringe prospects and a bag of balls. If Colorado wants to rid themselves of that contract, the team they’ll give him away to won’t be the Dodgers. Find something less ridiculous to write about.

  3. Arenado wants to win and the Dodgers are his childhood team and the best opportunity to win multiple rings. Resign Turner to three years and play him at second base and everyone is happy! Go Dodger Blu – Justin and Corey are not going to play every game how important is Kike’s clutch pinch hitting and outstanding defensive glove play? I would use Lux and Beaty as trade bait, they could bring a lot of interest from the league!

  4. Johnny C Turner has not played any 2nd base for several years now. And he has had leg issues for the past few years and at age 36, 2nd base is not in his future at all. Hopefully we have the DH in NL and that allows him to rest those legs while remaining in the lineup.

    1. Paul …Johnny C doesn’t want to hear it – He just wants him on the team and wants to trade Lux regardless of any facts or future considerations. Numerous people have used logic to point out why this move is not happening but the pundits keep it alive so they have something to talk about.

      1. Turner is not geting 3 years. I´d sign him to 1 year. Arenado makes sense. Lets break down the arguments against him. 1-Too expensive, long term contract. He´s making 32M a year, and he has averaged .301/37/115 with a .923 OPS and 6.6 WAR. Those stats seem worth it, and more. Just because he had 1 bad season this year- .257 with 8 home runs, he still played elite defense, and he dealt with a shoulder injury all season long. Cut him some slack. Also, a lot of stars had bad 2020´s- just ask Cody Bellinger, Christian Yelich, and Francisco Lindor. 2. We won´t be able to extend our stars. Wrong. I´m pretty good at math, and the dodgers are 15M below the tax. They have 71M coming off next year. in 2022, they have 30M coming off. That is 116M in space. They can take Arenado´s 32M salary(84M left) and resign Buehler, Seager and Bellinger for about 65M total per year(Bellinger and Seager make 11M a year each right now, so double it). They can then take the 30M that is left and resign Kershaw for 15M. That leaves 15M in space for any fringe moves that they want. Simple Math 3. They want too much for him. Debatable. They obviously want to weaken us, but they have no real power. We can give up someone like David Price or Joe Kelly, and then give up prospects that would have no playing time otherwise(Keibert Ruiz, Mitchell White, Michael Busch). They also want salary relief that the Dodgers can provide. 4. He´s only good at Coors Field. Misconception. Sure, that .263 career average away seems pedestrian, but if you notice, the other stats stay mostly the same- .263/34/102 in 162 games. He´s still a 30 homer threat on the road, and drives in over 100 runs away. His defense is also good wherever he plays, so that´s not an issue. He also has 16 home runs and 33 RBI´s in 48 career games at DS, so he would adapt very nicely. There is no viable reason the dodgers cannot get this trade done.

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