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Fans Tested On Dodgers World Series Knowledge Before Game 2

There are a few World Series Dodgers facts that have been repeated so many times this postseason. For example, the Dodgers haven’t won the World Series in 29 years. Justin Turner’s walk-off home run is only the second by a Dodger in a postseason game, after Kirk Gibson’s. The latest one that fans shouldn’t forget, after watching Game 2, is the the eight home runs hit on Wednesday are the most ever in a World Series game.

Okay, so what about some other trivia questions regarding the Dodgers and the World Series? caught up with Dodger fans before Game 2 of the World Series to test their Dodgers and World Series knowledge. Check out the video below and pause after each question is told to test your knowledge!

So, how did you do? I hope everybody knew that the Dodgers have six World Series titles, but some of the questions sure got difficult.

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