Forbes Ranks Dodgers Second-Highest Most Valuable Team


The Los Angeles Dodgers are coming off two-consecutive National League West division titles, they unseated the New York Yankees for the highest payroll last season, were valued at $2 billion by Forbes, which was second behind the New York Yankees, and again begin the season with World Series aspirations.

With the Dodgers on track to once more have the highest payroll in baseball, they also remain in second place behind the Yankees on Forbes’ list of most valuable baseball teams despite the fact that they were one of five teams to lose money last year, via Mike Ozanian:

The Los Angeles Dodgers, worth $2.4 billion, are the second most valuable three years after Guggenheim Baseball Management bought the team and Dodger Stadium for $2 billion from Frank McCourt. The Dodgers raked in more than $120 million in television money last season, the the most in baseball, as part of the team’s 25 year, $8.35 billion deal with Time Warner Cable. The team also lead MLB in attendance, with 3.78 million fans coming through the turnstiles during the regular season.

Whereas the Dodgers’ $2 billion evaluation last year was short of the Yankees’ $2.5 billion value, the Bronx Bombers have put more distance between themselves and the Boys In Blue as Forbes now values them at $3.2 billion.

The Yankees’ estimation ties them with the Dallas Cowboys for most valuable sports franchise in the United States. Real Madrid remains the world’s highest valued team at $3.44 billion. Rounding out Forbes’ top-five are the Boston Red Sox ($2.1 billion), San Francisco Giants ($2.0 billion) and Chicago Cubs ($1.8 billion).

While the Dodgers saw an uptick in their value according to Forbes, it falls short of the $3 billion they reportedly were valued at $3 billion in a potential deal that may lead to a group of South Korean investors purchasing a stake in the franchise.

With another strong season on the field and in attendance, the Dodgers conceivably could see their value increase once again next year.


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