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Former Dodgers Star Adrián Gonzalez Talks Relationship with Yasiel Puig

Former Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez recently sat down with Kristine Leahy and discussed topics such as the Astros sign stealing, being traded five times in his career, and his relationship with Yasiel Puig.

Gonzalez arrived in LA in 2012, one year before Puig’s major league debut in which he instantly became a fan favorite. Despite the several flashes of greatness, Puig has been dragged down by inconsistent play and a temper that has caused several benches to clear throughout his career.

“When he came in, he had those moments where he did things that he shouldn’t do,” Gonzalez said of his early relationship with Puig. “I was there to say ‘hey,’ whenever something happened like, ‘don’t do that again.”

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Despite his flaws, Gonzalez was glad to build a relationship with the breakout Cuban star, noting that “he’s got the biggest heart.”

Throughout their five seasons together as Dodgers, Gonzalez told Leahy that he and Puig had some great times together not just playing the game, but off the field as well. They built a relationship that has lasted even as Gonzalez is now retired and Puig is a free agent.

“Even to this day, we’re always texting and talking,” Gonzalez said. “We were just able to build a really good relationship that we can continue on even after baseball.”

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  1. Puig was ahead of his time unfortunately. He came up during the last few years of the old style and was picked on and picked apart. Teams didn’t like that he had personality and intentionally messed with him to throw him off his game and derail our team a bit with distraction as we saw many tunes against St Louis and other teams. Now you’re seeing more young guys come up international and American who have flare and it’s more accepted hence “let the kids play” Juan Soto wouldn’t have been allowed to be himself back in 2013 and likely wouldn’t have performed so well in the playoffs like he did having played in 2019. I’d like to see Puig back and more embraced and thriving

  2. Trade Joc Pederson asap! Bring the wild horse back to LA. This team needs a player with passion, heart and attitude!

    1. No thanks. Joc is more of a team player and just entering his prime. There’s a reason Puig will likely end up with the awful Marlins on a cheap one-year deal. No one else wants him, especially the good teams. His insubordination and me-first attitude is a drag. Tearing up the defensive-positioning card in George Lombard’s face is all you need to know about Puig. No wonder he played the hitters so poorly. The Indians and Reds both had Puig in 2019 and both are badly in need of an OF, yet neither are considering Puig. What does that tell you?

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