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Four Teams Reportedly Interested in Signing Adrian Gonzalez

The Dodgers traded Adrian Gonzalez to Atlanta on December 16th. Since then, A-Gon has been designated for assignments by the Braves and is currently a free agent. After his initial release, there were reports that the Mets were interested in signing Gonzalez. The market has been pretty stagnant since those initial reports, but it appears the market is heating up for the veteran first baseman.

Adrian Gonzalez’s dad, David Gonzalez said last night in an interview that Adrian has four different teams that are interested in signing him. He didn’t go on to mention which four teams that have contact Adrian, but he said there is a market for his son. We can assume the Mets are one of those teams.

David also went on to say that Adrian has been working out and feels healthy, but he’s trying not to push his back too much. David went on to say that Adrian is still looking for a team to play every day, but can see taking a limited role in the right scenario. You can catch the full interview here (the interview is in Spanish).

There are a ton of first baseman free agents still available, headlined by Eric Hosmer. Gonzalez is the oldest (36) of the available free agent, but his veteran presence could be a good fit for a young ballclub. I personally think he’d be a good fit for an AL team where he can play both first base and DH and rest his back. But that hasn’t stopped Dodger fans from speculating of a potential a Dodger reunion.

The love is mutual for both Adrian Gonzalez and Dodger fans. No doubt all of LA was heartbroken when the news broke that Adrian got traded to the Braves, but this is a business first.

I wouldn’t doubt that Adrian would consider returning to the Dodgers in a minimal role as it would give him the best opportunity to win a championship and wouldn’t mean relocating his family. Adrian could be a very productive player off the bench for the Dodgers and could lighten the load for Cody Bellinger as he goes through his first full season.

Heck, who knows if Adrian proves to be healthy and performs well, he could help solve the Dodgers left field problem by moving Bellinger back to the outfield for once season. Wheather the Dodgers are interested in bringing back A-Gon is still unknown.

The front office could outsmart the entire league by having the Braves eat $17 million that is owed to Gonzalez this season, and could bring him back for the veteran minimum.

How do you feel about a possible Dodger/A-Gon reunion? Could you see Adrian returning in a limited role with the Dodgers? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Don’t know why you all think we have an issue with left field. Andrew Toles can handle that position just fine. I would love to see Gonzo in a Dodgers uniform again but in a part time role to save his back

  2. I would love to see Gonzo come back. I have been a Dodger fan since Gil Hodges was our first baseman and Adrian has been one of the best we have ever had at first. He would be a huge asset in a limited role because of his glove, his run producing bat and just as important….his leadership. The lessons our kids can learn from someone like Adrian or Chase are invaluable.

  3. As we were told when the new group of management came to town, some would wonder why on many deals that occur. Naturally they took over someone else’s issues and trying to resolve them. Myself included, WHAT? Who? OMG!! NO!! Adrian is in decline, but who will take part of Cody’s time so he can rest, same at 3rd base. The deals done I liked, hated to see Charlie go. But. No way trade Puig!!~ I still think we need a strong right handed bat outfield avg. RBI’s 25 HR’s and top notch right handed starter, plus make Kershaw Dodger for life.

  4. A-Gon will never come back. Why would he? He was burned by this front office. No self-respecting man would come back to a team that gave him away like that.

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