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GIF: Who Is Dodgers’ Adrian Gonzalez Yelling At After Walk Off Win?

For the entire season, Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez has been the glue that’s kept the team together. From the 30-42 start to all the winning, the one constant in the lineup has been A-Gon.

Gonzalez leads the Dodgers in home runs with 20 and RBIs with 90 and is hitting an impressive .294 on the season. While he’s called himself a “singles hitter”, Gonzalez has showed he’s over the shoulder injury that’s sapped his power and helped lead the Dodgers atop the NL West.

Usually calm, cool and collected, Gonzalez showed a lot of emotion last night after he delivered the walk off single in the bottom of the 10th. Gonzalez made his way to second base and as Nick Punto, Yasiel Puig and even Brian Wilson ran out to greet him, he had his jersey “shredded”.

While he’s relatively new to the Dodgers-Giants rivalry, it looks like Gonzalez had some choice words for the Giants dugout after the game.

*Warning: the GIF is NSFW.

(h/t @EephusBlue)

However, while it looks like it’s pretty clear what Gonzalez is saying and who it was directed at, Beto Duran of was told by a Dodger player that wasn’t the case:

After analyzing the tape, who do you think Gonzalez is screaming at?

Ross Gasmer

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  1. at the UMP!!.. he was given a bad call, Adrian did not like it and said something to the ump. After that he took his time to get back into the box at which point the Ump said something to him that Adrian did not like 2 pitches later.. BAM!!

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