If Dodgers Prospect Zach Lee Opts For Football, Do Rams Make Sense?

Word came out today that ex-quarterback Zach Lee, who is in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization, has not entirely closed the door on his football career. Lee finally made it to the big leagues last season, but he gave 7 runs in just 4.2 innings. And now he’s thinking about life after baseball.

Lee is 45-41 with a 3.87 ERA in his 646.1 Minor League innings, so it does seem like he’s at a crossroads in his career about whether or not he wants to continue along the path of a pitcher or revert back to his quarterback ways.

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From Robert Pace at FOX Sports dot com:

In the event that the 24-year-old former star quarterback does not get his chance to be a major-league pitcher in the near future, there is a chance he could drop his professional baseball career and pursue a collegiate football career.

Well, that sounds interesting. So, what do the Los Angeles Rams have to do with any of this? Well, they’re in Los Angeles and Lee’s in Los Angeles, so to speak, so that’d be a start. Not to mention that the team needs a quarterback. This isn’t to say that he’d easily win the job, though.

Lee had his own thoughts on his potential football career:

“I wouldn’t say it’s completely left the station,” Lee told MLB.com of the prospect of him going to college to play football. “It’s a decision I’d have to make pretty soon. But I’ve got an opportunity to prove myself in the big leagues.”

There’s a lot standing in the way between Lee and a professional quarterback career, though. Namely, a tryout. And the fine people over at Eternal Ramnation (@EtrnlRamNation) started to connect the dots:

Lee was a recruit of LSU, and signed his Letter of Intent there, before ultimately signing with the Dodgers for a professional baseball career. With his baseball career progressing, but not quite yielding the returns he thought they would, a return to the gridiron might be in the cards for him.

We’re obviously a long way off from any of this happening, but if Lee doesn’t perform as well he would like in 2016, don’t be shocked to see him possibly think about heading on over to the NFL. And maybe that means heading over to the Rams, at least for a tryout.

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  1. Well Justin cannot imagine Lee is anything besides trade bait. The roster is full and with Urias, Holmes, Anderson, DeLeon, Stripling, Cotton and others in front of him he is hopelessly blocked. He is not a dynamic miss bats type of pitcher. He does not have a great out pitch. He is slated as maybe someones 4 or 5.
    I would imagine they trade him if they can with another Farm hand for a young player with some potential in maybe a position they need. Perhaps a young Infielder that might be a great glove guy and can hit a little. Or someone who might become a decent lead off hitter some day. I do not see Lee ever sticking with the Dodgers.

  2. “…there is a chance he could drop his professional baseball career and pursue a collegiate football career.”

    The Rams are a collegiate team?

  3. Tmaxster  I agree.  Zach’s career as a Dodger has come to an end.  The Dodgers need to move him before he gets optioned to AAA again.  His trade value will just evaporate when that happens.  Teams need #4 and #5 rotation pitchers, and Zach seems as if he could be a fit somewhere.  I think he needs to be moved with Guerrero to sweeten whatever LAD can get in return for the two.  KC seems like a good landing spot for Lee, but with Morales, not so much Guerrero.

  4. Lee is 45-41 with a 3.87 ERA in his 646.1 Minor League innings, That’s not exactly good numbers to branch up to the major leagues with these numbers not hard to see why he got shelled last year for 7 runs in 4 innings. if you have average numbers in the minor leagues not good you must dominate or close to it to be able to pitch in the majors. He should consider football if he can play. Or Dodgers need to trade for somebody with a little potential.

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