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Kyle Schwarber Calls Out Dodgers Fans But Cubs Fans Leave Game 3 Early

The Dodgers have defeated the Cubs three games in a row now and need just one win to sweep Chicago. Los Angeles has simply dominated Chicago on all fronts: offense, defense, and pitching.

What has been just as awesome are the fans at Dodger Stadium. The crowd has been filled with fire and energy. I was at Game 2 and, after Justin Turner’s walk-off, the stadium was as loud as I’ve ever heard it. However, the crowd just wasn’t enough for Kyle Schwarber.

After Game 2, the Chicago Tribune caught up with the Cubs’ left-fielder who had this to say about Dodgers fans:

I think that you’ve got two completely different cultures you’re marketing to. L.A. is kind of the big music, pop culture mecca out here. In Chicago, we’re more blue collar, and I think our fans are more in tune to the baseball game. I feel like Wrigley knows the right time we need to get up, and things like that.

I’m not even sure I want to rebuttal his claim that Dodger fans are not in tune with the baseball game. I could easily bring up how Dodger Stadium has led all of Major League Baseball in attendance since 2013, but that won’t cut it. What about the fact that Wrigley Field didn’t break into the top ten in stadium attendance until 2015? No, I think it would be best to just take a look at how the crowd was on Tuesday.

The media always knocks Dodger fans for leaving games early during the regular season. Whether that is true or just a false stigma that won’t leave the fans is up to your discretion. However, on Tuesday Chicago fans were spotted leaving Game 3 of the NLCS early. The Los Angeles Metro Twitter account even got in on the fun!

It just doesn’t seem to me like fans that are so “in tune” with the baseball game would leave a postseason game early. Besides, it’s not our fault that we have the very awesome DJ Severe and Dieter Ruehle rockin’ Dodger Stadium with the best music (follow them on Twitter if you’re not already). The Dodgers will go for the sweep on Wednesday at 6:01 p.m. pacific standard time. We’ll see if Chicago fans decide to stick around for what could be the final Cubs game of the year, or if they check out early like they did on Tuesday.

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Alex Perez

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  1. Yeah, I was so annoyed with Sullivan’s article yesterday. Complete hypocrisy. Especially when he insinuated that Dodgers fans are not blue collar, that somehow we’re all driving Bentleys and living in mansions in Malibu. The truth is that most of our fans are blue collar, and that we sacrifice a lot from our paychecks in order to see games live and in person. Also, we’re not bandwagoners. We’re true fans, just like there are some true Cubs fans. But to say that Dodgers fans are not in tune with what’s happening on the field? Heck, I know plenty of people who say that baseball at Wrigley is secondary; that people go just to drink beer and soak in the atmosphere. As for us being a nightclub, the Cubs might look into getting a DJ themselves because that place was as silent as a museum last night.

  2. Im going down to Carson in April just so I can attend a game or 2 with my family. Doesnt matter who’s on the schedule. I just want to see my Dodgers play. And April is the only month I can. I’ll put our fan base up against any in baseball. Win or Lose…

  3. And UCLA football fans have had trouble showing up, much less leaving early this season. Same with Lakers, Clippers, USC, and now Rams fans too. Just the way it is out here. Too much to do and too much traffic to deal with. If you stink, we’re going to find something else to do, that’s really all there is to it.
    But to suggest that L.A. fans – Dodgers fans in particular – are some how not in tune” with what’s going on on the field smacks of athletic ignorance. I’d suggest he take a look at his own roster, beginning with the Cubs’ game three starting pitcher. Southern California OWNS the rest of the nation in any – you pick it sport – outside of ice hockey. Go Dodgers!

  4. Tell fat boy Schwarber that the only attention he’s going to get is if his average drops a couple of points next year it will go from the Mendoza line to the Schwarber line. Stupid Pillsbury Dough Boy.

  5. He got this impression because other fields have rules when players are batting(can’t go down the aisle,up etc) and at the dodgers stadium you can do as you please.

  6. Wrigley field is normally as quiet as a tomb. Cub fans only make noise when they do something, like hit a home run. Otherwise they sit on their hands. I’ve been there several times and the place is like a museum

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