Man Involved In Bryan Stow Beating Sentenced To Additional Six Years

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A conviction has come for Louie Sanchez, one of the men who senselessly beat Bryan Stow in the parking lot after the Los Angeles Dodgers played the San Francisco Giants on Opening Day in 2011. Stow suffered severe head trauma and as a result is disabled.

Sanchez was sentenced to eight years in federal prison after being found guilty in the Stow beating, which left the San Francisco native in a coma. Both Marvin Norwood and Sanchez pled guilty to assault charges on Feb. 20, 2014.

Currently in prison, Sanchez has been sentenced to six additional years for a weapons conviction that appears to be unrelated to the attack, according to ESPN:

A felon who seriously beat a San Francisco Giants fan outside Dodger Stadium was sentenced Thursday to six years in prison for a weapons conviction unrelated to the attack.

After police began investigating the beating in 2011, they found guns and ammunition at Norwood’s home. Sanchez took full responsibility for the items and thus the six years were added to his sentence, despite Sanchez’s attorney’s attempt to have his client jailed for only an additional year.

Since the attack security at Dodger Stadium has greatly increased. Immediately after the 2011 incident uniformed officers at the games increased from 30-40 per game to more than 60-80 each night.

Unfortunately, Stow’s beaeting wasn’t the last act of crime that involved the fan bases of the two storied rivals. In 2013 a Dodger fan was fatally stabbed a few blocks away from AT&T Park after trading insults with two Giants fans who did not attend the game. The victim was the son of a Dodgers security guard.

In July 2014 a jury found the Dodgers and not former owner Frank McCourt negligent in the Stow case and the team was responsible for an approximate 25 percent of $18 million in damages.


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