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Manny Machado Reveals What Number He Will Wear

After news broke of the Manny Machado trade broke, Dodgers fans were ecstatic. The city of Los Angeles added yet another superstar. With one of the games best all-around players coming to LA, fans everywhere were buzzing. One of the reasons for this strong buzz, was due to the intrigue on what number Manny would be wearing with his new ball club.

During his entire seven-year career, Machado has only known one number, No. 13. Every Dodgers fan knows, that number is currently taken by Max Muncy. A lot of times, we hear of players giving up their number if a player of higher-caliber comes into town. You could make the case that Muncy should give up his number if Machado were to ask him to. However, you could also make the case that based on the season Muncy is having, he should have every right to hold onto that number.

In this kind of situation, usually the incoming player, Machado in this case, would offer to pay Muncy some kind of reward for the number. Whether it be straight up cash, or a watch or new suit, that’s typically how the exchange goes down. Not in this case.

It looks as if Kenley Jansen has offered to pay Max Muncy in order to let Machado wear No. 13.

If that’s the case, Kenley can sure afford it. After signing his $80 million contract, he’s one of the highest paid players in the league. Not only that, it’s a great welcoming gift for Machado, having a brand new teammate pay for you to keep your number. What a way to make a first impression.

And the new number is….

After all this, I’m sure you’re thinking that Manny Machado will be the newest Dodgers player to grace No. 13. Well, it appears Max Muncy didn’t budge, and really likes that number. So, your newest shortstop will be gracing the number eight!

Hopefully you didn’t pre-order your Machado No. 13 jersey yet! Now, it does seem like somebody will be needing to get a new number, Dodgers’ bench coach Bob Geren. Regardless of the number, we’re all super excited to see Manny make his debut this weekend versus the Brewers. It marks 10 years ago since the Dodgers acquired another “Manny”. We’ll have to wait and see if we are about to enter MannyWood 2.0.

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  1. Manny Ramirez was that crap, not machado. And Jansen is an idiot, telling muncy to give up his number. It should be muncywood, not mannywood.

  2. MannyWood 2.0? Where might that be? There are no seats adjacent to the 6 slot on the diamond.

  3. Here in Baltimore we will miss Manny he was a tremendous player here for 7 seasons. His #13 jersey should get retired to honor him and the new Iconic honorary street named “The Charm’tasic Mile” It’s 1.3 miles in length. It would be a cool way to honor him and his contribution to the O’s. If he plays at this level for another 7-10 years he will be a Hall of Fame player. The number 13 is also the combined jersey numbers of 2 Oriole legends Brooks Robinson (5) and Cal Ripken (8).

  4. Blake, if you don’t know the meaning of a word, don’t use it! Fans were eccentric? Really? And the reason for the buzz was fans’ wondering what number Machado would wear? What orifice did you pull that out of? If fans are ecstatic, if there’s a buzz, it’s because Machado can flat out mash! How does that escape you? This is no class paper, Blake. The internet is permanent! What you submit to it stays around. You might want to tighten up your game if you plan to make a profession of writing. Best of luck.

    1. Very good, Jerry! I would think anyone who played for Baltimore would be honored to wear Cal’s number!

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