Manny Ramirez and Scott Borass : Speak Out!


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Here we are February 20th, Manny still at home playing video games. While Boras has been working with NUMEROUS teams on a multi-year (5-6 year) deal. [insert sarcasm] Obviously, teams are lined up around the corner for this players attitude, cost, length, and most importantly, love for the fans. Sure we want Manny back and doing so would give us the strongest lineup in the division without question. I just wonder, if maybe we could get a deal done without the microphones, cameras, and jokes that would only be funny to a Boston native. My guess is when he made the “Gas is up, so am I” comment, he used that same joke at the front door of the night club and they turned him away and recommended he visit Chucky Cheese with those jokes, where the audience would be more appreciative.

Today, when Borass started talking about cake and how the dodgers can’t win without Manny I first wondered what type of cake are we talking about? The boring cake right out of a box? or the delicious ice cream cake. Quickly, I realized that was irrelevant and laughed (still craving ice cream cake). I’m not sure Boras realizes but we currently have a full outfield, and with the signing of Hudson, we have the ability to give Casey Blake a little action in LF. He’s no Manny, however he’ll be good for 20 HR and 80+ RBIs, and we get an extra 20M to spend elsewhere to make up for the loss of production.

Point being, we can win without Manny, and if we’re going to use a cake to describe the Dodgers, Manny is nothing more than the cherry on top.

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