My Thoughts on Giants Signing Manny Ramirez

The offseason hot topic, Manny “Mandingo” / “Mannywood” Ramirez!

First, he turns down 2YR/45M offer from LA, which kind of makes sense considering he had 2YR/40M left with Boston, if they were so inclined.  Second, LA offers 1YR/25M, giving him a chance to get the payday he deserves and come back next year looking for something a little better as far as contract length. He quickly (within hours) turns down this offer.

Leave it to a team that already has its highest payroll in team history, to act like a player for Manny. Who’s dumb enough to do that? the same morons who signed Zito. You know the team that sports colors only popular on Holloween and seen on traffic cones…still don’t know? The Giants.

As a Dodger fan this makes me angry for numerous reasons:

  • Giants getting blog space attention, which is useless time all the way around.
  • Giving false hope to Giants fans about putting together a winning team (same since 1954)
  • The Giants can’t even afford a stadium without having a record setting size Pepsi/Coke bottle spewing over the outfield fans like some kind of circus act.
  • I can’t stand the freaking rally pumpkin. I think he should come to Dodger Stadium and be the Rally Punchin Bag, I’d pay 10.00 to punch him in the face. After all, us dodger fans pay 12.00 to get punch in the face by McCourt (12.00 = price for a beer), and we come back for more…So who knows maybe the rally pumpkin would like it too and come back for more.

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