Mattingly Believes Contract Situation Affected Hanley Ramirez

[new_royalslider id=”5″] Hanley Ramirez played the entire 2014 season not knowing where he would be playing in 2015.

While the shortstop denied that the impending contract situation affected his play, Ramirez failed to hit like he did in 2013 and his defense also suffered. It was reported that the Dodgers were in negotiation with Ramirez and his agent earlier in the year before the attention was turned to the field.

According to Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times, manager Don Mattingly believes his shortstop had more on his mind than just baseball:

Ramirez ended the year hitting .283 with 13 home runs and 71 RBIs in 128 games. He suffered a handful of injuries this season, missing short amounts of time throughout the season. The former All-Star committed 16 errors and was often replaced late in games for defensive purposes.

After his strong 2013 campaign, the consensus was that the Dodgers were going to lock up Ramirez to keep him in Los Angeles for a few years. That talk quickly ended once a deal was not done before the season and Ramirez said his focus was on helping the team on the field. He left all negotiations to his agent, but a deal was never done. The 30-year-old heads into free agency for the first time in his career, unless the Dodgers extend the one-year qualifying offer. That offer would allow the Dodgers to bring Ramirez back for $15.3 million and would allow them to get a compensation draft pick if he signs elsewhere.

As the off-season gets underway, it will be interesting to see what the Dodgers do with the slugging shortstop. His defense did improve in the final month of the year; however, some believe he is better suited as a third baseman. If the team can find a way to get Ramirez at a reasonable price, he may be in Los Angeles for the significant future.

Vincent Samperio

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  1. If the contract affected his play, he is not the professional he should be. Once on the field that should not be on his mind. Get rid of him.

  2. what’s a reasonable price? Orioles just re-signed Hardy for 40 mil for 3 years, 2 gold gloves, rarely misses games, and pretty good hitter. His WAR over the last 4 years is about 14 compared to Hanley’s 10. Last I heard Hanley was looking for over 100 mil.

  3. Mattingly seems to think a guy needs to be signed for many years to give him peace of mind so he can perform to his best. His whining and crying over his own contract status, before the Dodgers finally gave him some years, was disgusting enough. These guys are already in the top .1% richest people on the planet, and they need peace of mind of a long term contract to perform well. It’s really worked for Ethier and Crawford. Anyone who understands Hanley Ramirez knows the minute you give him a lifetime contract is the last minute he’ll care about anything. Most guys have career years just before their contract is up. If this was the best Hanley could do on a contract year, don’t expect anything better in the future.

  4. Ramirez plays well most of the time, but something was definitely off this year. Of the few games I saw on the East Coast…his hustle was gone. He could’ve beat several throws to first…but was in a light jog instead of running them out. Stay or go, if he wants a new or better contract…that’s not the way to get it.

  5. Why would Mattingly Constrac efects Ramirez that dont make since. I Line Donny but I dont thank he is our coach. We must look some were else and see what kind of coach is out there. Manttingly is not our coach. we need a coach can teach and make sure they are respected in the club house. Let go Ramirez and we have other players can play sort. I like Turner. He can be an every day player. What do you all thank. We need to start winning again. Like we did in 1988 and Hope this comes true. We have good players now lets get your shit together and start winning like the old Dodger players. this is a good team. Go Dodger Blue crew. We Love LA.

    1. Show me the article and quote where Mattingly says this. This guy who posts for Dodgers Nation, is a too bit trainers assistant.
      He’s been getting people fired up the last 2 days with bogus reports and rumors.

    2. first off..DM is a manger, not a coach., McGuire, Wallach, Bundy, Lopes, those are coaches….Mattingly’s job is to manage, not teach….Turner is not an everyday player, his value lies in his ability to play multiple positions…he us very weak at SS….good at 3rd and so so at 2nd….and bud, we have won 2 division titles in a row….what do you mean start winning???? WS?? not that easy to even get there….and no team in the NL west can match the Dodgers 186 wins in 2 years…..get real

  6. I say sign him to 1 more year and then if he doesn’t perform ok then your gone, but he has been playing hurt and you can’t blame him for that, if you are gonna be pissed then be pissed at the Cards and Mattingly, the Cards for playing dirty and hitting Handley in the ribs and cracking them and for Mattingly for not retaliating , but Handley is my shortstop and that’s the end of it period end of discussion BAM!!!!!!!!!

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