MLB All-Star Voting Update: Dodgers Lose Ground In Second Week

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With the All Star game coming up, races for the starting spot at each position are in full swing. Some familiar faces are currently atop the voting boards early on.

With the Los Angeles Dodgers early success, it is no surprise that they have more than one player in the top-five in voting. MLB Communications released a vote count for each National League position:

Adrian Gonzalez is unsurprisingly leading all first basemen by at least 300,000 votes. His monster first week of the season along with his amazing defensive skills have rightfully earned him the most votes. However, the first baseman’s lead shrunk a considerable amount from the first ballot update.

Perhaps the most surprising appearance on the leaderboards is catcher Yasmani Grandal, who struggled early on but turned it around in the month of May. He was not in the top-five in the first ballot, but now makes the cut in the fifth spot. Last month, the catcher hit four home runs and drove in 18 RBIs while hitting .375.

In the outfielder category, Joc Pederson checks in in 10th place, almost 2 million votes behind leading vote-getter Bryce Harper. He checked in at sixth last week and drooped four spots. However, Pederson does have more than 100,000 votes than the player who was traded to give him playing time: Matt Kemp. Kemp ranks 14th in voting.

Almost poetically, however, Dee Gordon leads National League second basemen in voting by almost 400,000 votes. The Dodgers Howie Kendrick is almost 1 million behind the ex-Dodger and drops from third to fourth since the first ballot.

Although these are the only Dodgers who have made the top spots as of now, there is still time to vote to get your favorite Dodger players into the All Star game on July 14 at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio.

You can vote HERE.


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  1. Who makes these posts? One has the game on July 16th, another, this one, has the game on July 15th, but, the game is on July 14th.
    These guys get paid? They cannot even get the biggest baseball game of the season correct.

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