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MLB Has Considered Other Countries As Options For Play

Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts said a few weeks back that all options needed to be considered to get baseball started again. Apparently, MLB is doing just that during this time of uncertainty. After a report surfaced this week of a plan to move all teams to Arizona, there is now another rumored plan.

ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian cited one MLB source that at least said that the league would consider playing games in Japan. This is mostly due in part to the country’s rapid response to the COVID-19 virus, and how they have been able to quickly flatten the curve. Per the source. 

The Japanese league is going to get through this faster than America’s going to get through it. The Japanese league is going to play at night and the major leagues are going to play during the day in Japanese stadiums and that’s how we are going to get this thing started.

It’s worth noting that even Kurkjian felt there was no way MLB would have games played in Japan. But he did also say that as ridiculous as it sounds, this past couple of weeks might say that MLB needs something ridiculous to happen.

If the league were to play games in Japan instead of Arizona, it would be a logistical nightmare. Getting players there, housing them for months on end, arranging for travel in family emergencies, all of these things make for difficulties. Japan is also sixteen hours ahead of Los Angeles, which creates its own complications for television broadcasts.

Whatever the case, MLB is going to have to start making some decisions sooner rather than later. 

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