Blue Heaven Reactions to Another Houston Astros Apology

Through all the news about potential MLB season workarounds, the Houston Astros let out a sigh of relief. For months, baseball fans and players let the Astros have it, and rightfully so. However, once the coronavirus shut down baseball and sports and the world while we look to flatten the curve, Houston players have been somewhat let off the hook.

Now we can’t do that, can we?

Moreover, earlier this week another former Astro hitter that benefitted from the trash can system in place during at 2017 and 2018 spoke out and apologized about the team’s malfeasance.

Our Blue Heaven Podcast hosts discussed it.

Questions like: why do these guys only seem to apologize sincerely when they’re no longer playing for Houston? Plus the questionable decision to call out his whistleblowing former teammate online.


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  1. Apparently, another thief is apologizing with words, while still retaining the stolen property. Apologies such as those are meaningless.

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