MLB News: Controversial Expansion Of Replay Likely For 2014 Season

Major league baseball has always been behind the curve in terms of replay as the NFL, NBA and Tennis are leading the way. While baseball has made concessions about fair and foul calls, whether the ball left the field and if a spectator interfered with the play, new replay measures are going to be put into place.

At baseball’s next owner’s meetings, set to take place in November, the owners will vote to expand replay. Needing a 75 percent vote, radical changes are expected to be made according to Scooby Axson of SI.com:

Under the new system, managers will be allowed two challenges over the first six innings of games and one after the seventh inning. Officials at MLB headquarters in New York will make the final ruling on any challenge.

Tennis and football use the coaches challenges as it sounds like all the blown calls this season have finally made Bud Selig and members of commissioner’s office realize changes needed to be made.

If the vote gets the necessary approval, the changes should be implemented by the 2014 season as major league baseball is taking the necessary steps to get things right on the field.


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Ross Gasmer

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