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MLB News: Details of Tuesday Owner’s Proposal to Players

The MLB owners have reportedly agreed on a financial plan to submit to the player’s union on Tuesday afternoon. The details of the deal are still coming out, but there are at least a few details that have trickled out. 

USA Today is reporting that the deal does NOT include the 50-50 revenue split that was reportedly a part of the owners’ initial draft proposal. Instead, the pay scale will be based on a sliding scale system, levying larger cuts to players on higher salaries. Players on lower salaries are slated to earn close to their usual salary in the proposal. 

Revenue sharing was apparently not mentioned at all in the proposal on Tuesday. It’s unclear how many games the league will shoot for, but the owners did say last week that the more games played without fans, the more money MLB loses. 

There is no timeframe for the two sides to come to an agreement, but it would need to be soon to make the July 4th start date realistic. MLB would likely aim to get close to two weeks of ‘Spring Training’ games before they started up the new regular season. That would mean the two sides would likely need to figure something out by at least next week to be on schedule. 

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  1. They need to expand by four more teams to offset the revenue loss and provide more jobs to pacify the player’s union due to 2020 salary cuts. Expand to Charlotte, Birmingham, Honolulu and Portland.

      1. The Rockies are moving to salt lake in the future. A baseball championship will never be won in the Colorado environment

  2. three people would show up in Hawaii… plus take a look at flight length to Hawaii, even from West coast and there is a 2-hr time difference from Pacific Time. The logistics just don’t work that well, it’s been considered a few dozen times over the past several decades.

    1. Agree. There wouldn’t be a fan base large enough to support the cost of having a major league team there. Add to that the time difference, and it’s a “no-go” from the start. If a night game started in Honolulu at the normal 7pm time, it would be after midnight in New York.

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