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Dodgers: Carl Crawford Speaks Out on the Drownings of 2 People at His Home

There was sad news just a few days ago when a report came out that two people had drowned at the house of former Dodgers outfielder Carl Crawford. 25-year-old Bethany Lartigue and 5-year-old Kasen Hersiboth drowned on May 16th. 

The police report indicated that the boy was swimming in the pool and was having trouble breathing. The woman jumped in to try and help him, but both were unresponsive when paramedics arrived. The former Dodgers’ outfielder took to Instagram to speak on the drownings less than ten days after the incident.  

The tragic events that occurred at my home will be with me forever. I’m at a loss for words. I’ve struggled all week to manage my emotions and I keep thinking of the families of those who’ve passed and their grief, I know they have it the hardest. They are the first and last thing l think of these days. Please keep them in your prayers, I know they will always be in mine.

Crawford posted that he had a very heavy heart and that he was having a difficult time, understandably so. It’s not yet clear the relation to Crawford or whether or not he was there when this happened. Lartigue was a member of the Arlington Impact, a team in the Women’s Football Alliance.

Crawford was part of the trade that sent Josh Beckett and Adrian Gonzalez to the Dodgers back in 2012. He struggled to stay on the field in his time with Los Angeles, suffering from several injuries in his four years with the team. When he was healthy, he was still fairly productive despite his high price tag.

When the Dodgers released him in 2016, Crawford never played at the big league level again. He revealed in 2017 that he was retired from baseball. 

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